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Sustainable washroom trends include incorporating the latest technology to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint, following international standards to make greener choices and demonstrating sustainability to the leading green building assessment bodies. The trends are all about the changes we make to protect and take care of our planet.

Dolphin Solutions has worked on many projects where clients have invested in growing trends such as sustainable washroom products and SMART washroom technology because going SMART impacts the sustainability of a washroom and can demonstrate compliance with green building rating standards. That is why washroom technology, sustainable products, and building certifications form part of the sustainable washroom trends going into 2023.

Let’s take you through the connection between washroom technology and sustainable washroom products and how they contribute to green building certifications to achieve the ultimate sustainable washroom.

Alavo, Sensor taps are trending SMART Washroom technology

SMART Washroom technology is trending

SMART building technology is a breakthrough in 21st century automation by using an interface to enable the economical use of a building’s resources and improve the efficiency of workplace management.

As sensor activations are gaining traction, it is only natural that commercial washroom designs feature touch free and SMART technology to be part of the growing trend. SMART washroom technology also demonstrates the sustainability of a washroom which means granular data can be collected and used as proof of water and energy consumption.

With the SMART washroom technology interface, you can monitor water and energy usage in sensor taps, WC flush plates, and urinals and set and activate a timed hygiene flush system. It enables you to use the information to make informed decisions to adjust settings to reduce water running time, for example, or implement measures to improve user washroom behaviour.

Companies such as WiredScore are entering the SMART market to accelerate the implementation and assessing and improving digital connectivity for homes and offices, ensuring smart technology is running at optimum efficiency within a building – including the washroom. WiredScore is the organisation behind SmartScore certifications which is an internationally recognised digital connectivity and smart building rating system.

Let’s just say this is a smart investment and will eventually become the norm rather than just a sustainable washroom trend.

Sensor taps and multifeed foam soap dispenser installed for trending commercial sustainable washroom

Sustainable washroom product trends

As the world is moving towards a more sustainable future, the make-up of washroom products must be of eco-friendly materials, and the products must possess water and energy saving features. But it does not stop there because sustainable washroom products must prove sustainable performance.

We must rely on SMART washroom technology to demonstrate water and energy savings in sensor taps etc., and gather granular data to confirm water and energy consumption. That is why focusing on stainability and including sustainable washroom products are part of the sustainable washroom trends for 2023.

Sustainable washroom products

Sustainable products for a commercial washroom design include sensor taps, high speed, low energy hand dryers, foam soap, and dual flush WCs.

  • Designers opt for sensor taps instead of manual taps because they save up to 70% of water. 70% water saved means 70% energy saved as there is less water to heat.
  • Foam soap saves water and energy.
  • Low volume dual flush saves water in WCs.
  • Washroom products manufactured in the UK reduce embodied carbon.
  • High speed, low energy hand dryers save energy by reducing drying time which reduces heating requirements.

High speed, low energy hand dryers also produce 60% less carbon emissions than commercial paper towels. Even if paper towels are recyclable, the manufacturing process and chemicals used to make them are not sustainable and more harmful to the environment.

Start incorporating eco-friendly washroom products now because this sustainable washroom trend is becoming a central focus for designers in their future developments.

Read more about commercial washroom product trends here.

Commercial low energy hand dryer and sensor tap as part of green building trends in washrooms 2023

Green building trends in commercial washrooms 2023


Washroom design is no longer just focused on aesthetic appeal because there is a growing trend in designing a commercial washroom according to green building rating standards to achieve the international approval of a sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial building.

There is more attention to the finer details of how washroom products are made, what they are made from, and how they perform in line with WELL standards (health and wellbeing), BREEAM compliance (flow rates and flush volumes), NABERS UK ratings (energy), and LEED accreditations. These green building certifications all have one thing in common – Sustainability. And how do you demonstrate sustainability? Through SMART washroom technology.

Implementing green building standards means joining the movement towards a circular economy. No matter the rating level or points you achieve, there is always room for improvement.

A SMART, Sustainable, and Certified washroom

SMART technology demonstrates Sustainability

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Sustainability satisfies Green Building standards for certification

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A Green Building certification means you are protecting our planet

Sustainable washroom trends focus on the bigger picture and the objectives we want to achieve to create, implement, and improve elements in all areas of a commercial washroom to reach a circular economy.

Integrating SMART washroom technology to monitor and demonstrate sustainability, incorporating sustainable washroom products, and entering the green building certification journey, leads to the ultimate goal – reducing our carbon footprint, protecting our natural resources, and saving our planet.

Dolphin products are sustainably made and compliant with numerous green building certification standards. Browse our sustainable product range and visit our learning hub to learn more about commercial washroom design trends.

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