Commercial toilet roll holders

The premium styles within the Dolphin toilet roll holder range feature an array of options, including single and dual toilet roll holders, jumbo roll dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, and recessed toilet paper dispensers.

Our commercial toilet roll holders have distinct features, offering versatility, and designers can enhance these washroom essentials with a variety of special coatings and colours to best match their washroom design.

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Endless design possibilities

To cater to different types of washrooms, our range includes commercial toilet roll holders tailored to be appropriate for various designs, spanning from private superloo layouts to accessible washrooms and traditional public facilities.

Dolphin toilet roll holders offer finishes and special coating options such as Ceramic coating, PPC, PVD, brushed satin stainless steel, and mirror polished stainless steel. Each toilet paper holder can be coated based on the available options for each item.

Whether the washroom project is for a bustling shopping mall, corporate office, transport hub, or educational institution, choosing the right toilet roll holder plays a vital role in shaping the overall ambience and experience of the washroom.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Choosing the perfect commercial toilet roll holder isn’t just about functionality; it’s about elevating the entire washroom experience.

By carefully selecting commercial toilet roll holders that not only complement the aesthetic but also optimise space and functionality, you can create a washroom that not only looks impressive but also feels inviting and comfortable.

Dolphin’s high quality commercial toilet roll holders are durable and reliable, sparing the hassle of frequent maintenance and replacements. Additionally, they come with features designed to reduce the risk of vandalism.

For designers who are creating accessible washrooms, our range of toilet tissue dispensers is compliant with Approved Document Part M of the UK Building Regulations, offering peace of mind while maintaining legal standards.

Explore Dolphin toilet roll holders

If saving space is a priority in your commercial washroom design, explore our recessed toilet paper dispenser collection. For washrooms with high foot traffic, consider our jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser. To minimise the risk of a user running out, why not incorporate a spare roll toilet paper holder to ensure a backup supply?

The options for the best toilet roll holder for your washroom project are endless.

  • Single toilet roll holder
  • Double roll toilet tissue dispenser
  • Three roll commercial toilet roll dispensers
  • Bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser
  • Dolphin toilet roll holder keys are also available

Reach out to one of our experienced washroom consultants to determine the ideal commercial toilet roll holders for your specific washroom design needs.

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