Commercial Hand Dryers

Dolphin’s commercial hand dryers combine sleek design with advanced functionality, offering space saving recessed options, compact mini dryers, hands-in, behind mirror, and revolving nozzle dryers that redefine expectations.

Our HEPA filter hand dryers go above and beyond WELL standards, offering a straightforward, hygienic, and low maintenance experience.

With vandal resistant designs, contactless detection, guaranteed durability, cut-off times for efficiency, and high speed, low energy models, Dolphin transcends conventional hand drying, creating a washroom masterpiece that seamlessly blends style and innovation.

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Endless design possibilities

With special coatings that enhance durability and appeal, such as PPC, PVD, and Ceramic coating, our commercial hand dryers not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall ambience of all types of washroom designs.

Brushed satin stainless steel, mirror polish, white metal, coloured acrylic, coloured glass, and coloured solid surface finishes are also available within our range.

Choose from an extensive palette of colours to flawlessly integrate our automatic hand dryers into the design scheme of your washroom, coordinating and complementing other washroom products.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Dolphin Solutions’ commitment to providing the finest commercial washroom experience is showcased through the HEPA filter hand dryers, ensuring optimal cleanliness and WELL compliance for a healthier washroom environment.

Harmoniously fitting into different washroom layouts, such as superloos, Doc M toilets, and public washrooms, our high speed, low energy hand dryers provide efficient drying in seconds, all while staying true to our sustainability objectives.

For designers creating end-of-trip facilities, Dolphin provides versatile hair dryers, enhancing convenience and functionality.

Acoustics plays a crucial role in the washroom experience, and we have designed our commercial hand dryers with attention to reducing noise, ensuring a pleasant and quiet atmosphere in the washroom.

The range also includes a splash panel, combining practicality and design aesthetics to offer a comprehensive and stylish washroom solution.

Explore Dolphin’s washroom hand dryers

We understand the diverse needs across different sectors, and that is why we supply some of the best commercial hand dryers in our industry to suit the unique requirements of commercial, retail, leisure, transport, and education environments.

Beyond design, Dolphin hand dryers come with various features and comply with industry standards, including Document Part M of the UK Building Regulations, ensuring our clients get a tailored solution for their washroom needs.

Discover the Dolphin hand dryer range, where every detail matters, transforming commercial washrooms into statements of sophistication and innovative design.

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