Hand Dryers

Make the most of your washroom space with our great range of commercial hand dryers. From stainless steel to chrome and white metal to plastic we have a wide range of commercial hand dryers.  You can also choose between surface mounted, behind mirror, and other options to fit in with your washroom design. Our high-speed automatic hand dryers are perfect for any public or commercial washroom.

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Commercial Hand Dryers

High quality electric hand dryers are an essential feature of any commercial washroom, whether you’re running a small business or a larger organisation. Quality hand dryers are built to last and leave the user’s hands dry and feeling hygienic. It’s a small but important detail that ensures your restrooms are professional and offer the very best service to build trust in your brand.

Hand Drying Technology

We offer the latest in drying technology, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and styles to choose from. From plastic hand dryers that are cost-effective and easy to clean, to brushed stainless steel for a modern and professional look, and blade dryers that are energy-efficient and quick. Whatever your business washrooms need, we have a solution to suit you. Our slimline hand dryer range and recessed hand dryer range provide alternative options for style and convenience, no matter what your washroom setup, have the perfect hand dryer for your washroom.

No Touch Hand Dryers

In light of the recent pandemic, businesses are now seeking out hands-free options for many of the facilities they offer to minimise the spread of bacteria. Blade hand dryers are perfect for this as they use a high-powered sheet of air to dry both sides of the user’s hands at once, without them needing to touch anything. Practical, modern, and highly effective, these hand dryers are also energy-efficient, so they’ll be better for the environment and your business. If you are seeking a more traditional hand dryer, we also offer well-designed wall-mounted dryers that are convenient, easy to use, and durable. Our dryers are built to last and we have options to suit a range of budgets, from low-cost options to hand dryers that are an investment for your business.

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