Accessible / Doc M Compliant Products

Our range of commercial and public accessible washroom fittings are designed to our usual exacting standards, to make it simple for you to meet the requirements of Doc M and BS8300 requirements while creating a washroom that is well designed, and a pleasure to use. We have all you need for safe, wheelchair accessible washroom and shower areas including grab bars, backrests, shower curtain rails, and much more.

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Accessible Washrooms

Choosing the right washroom products for accessibility compliance can be tricky but with our range of carefully designed, high-quality items, you can ensure that your restrooms are fitted with the correct products and sanitaryware for a well-quipped disabled washroom. It’s important that accessible washrooms and toilet facilities comply with the Equalities Act of 2010 – our products will ensure that you can create a restroom or washroom that complies with the necessary regulations and is both professional and functional.

Hand Rails

We offer stainless steel wall-mounted handles and rails that ensure that your restroom facilities are Doc M compliant and convenient for disabled customers or employees to use easily. Stainless steel doesn’t only look great and provides a professional, modern look to your facilities but it’s also easy to clean to maintain hygienic standards.

Accessible WC Sets

It’s vital that toilet facilities are accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users and disabled customers or employees. Our WC sets are Doc M compliant and made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that will ensure your facilities stay in great condition and functional for as long as possible.

Accessible Shower Facilities

From shower seats and backrests to concealed shower units that are cost-effective and Doc M compliant, our shower facilities cater to a range of needs and requirements. We offer several concealed shower sets that include everything you will need to provide compliant shower facilities, as well as Prestige exposed shower sets that offer exposed valves and stainless steel accessories for the ultimate in durability.

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