Commercial combination units

If prioritising space efficiency, a streamlined design, enhanced hygiene, convenience, accessibility, and maintenance efficiency in your project, the Dolphin combination unit emerges as an optimal choice for your washroom design.

Browse our selection of commercial combination units, which include recessed, undercounter, and surface mounted options.

These washroom combination units come equipped with hand dryers, waste bins, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers.

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Endless design possibilities

Dolphin commercial combination units offer ultimate flexibility, allowing you to customise your preferences for an all-in-one washroom solution.

Options to customise your units:

  • Paper towel dispenser and waste bin combination unit
  • Touch free paper towel dispenser and waste bin combination unit
  • Paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser combination unit
  • Undercounter paper towel dispenser and waste bin combination unit
  • Paper towel dispenser, waste bin, and automatic hand dryer combination unit
  • Commercial combination unit with toilet roll holder, sanitary bin, and toilet brush

Our commercial combination units are available in a variety of colours, finishes and special coatings, including Ceramic coating, PPC, brushed satin, and mirror-polished stainless steel.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

With the space saving designs, our commercial combination units are ideal for those compact washrooms where every inch counts. But it’s not just about function – every combination unit has a sleek and seamless design that elevates the aesthetics of any washroom, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

With essential washroom supplies in one unit, there is less opportunity for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in gaps between fixtures, thus improving overall hygiene.

Convenience reigns supreme as users find all hand washing, drying, and waste disposal amenities neatly together in one location, enhancing the user experience, particularly in bustling washrooms.

For the facilities teams, having fewer separate washroom products simplifies cleaning and maintenance tasks, potentially reducing operational costs and downtime for the washroom.

Explore Dolphin combination units for washrooms

Browse the categories we have in our range:

  • Recessed combination units
  • Surface mounted combination units
  • Under counter combination units

Other features you will find in our commercial combination unit range include:

  • With or without locks
  • With or without waste bin flaps
  • Combination unit with manual or touch free paper towel dispenser

Should you need help to determine the best commercial combination unit for your project, reach out to one of our knowledgeable washroom consultants. They will gladly help you to achieve your washroom design vision.

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