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Transform commercial washroom maintenance with S3 by Dolphin, a lifetime of professional care, peace of mind, and a circular economy solution for flawless, enduring washrooms.

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S3 By Dolphin is a protection plan designed to be environmentally sustainable. It ensures commercial washrooms last longer and improves how they are maintained by incorporating maintenance practices that support a circular economy, which focuses on reducing waste, maximising efficiency, and optimising functionality.

Alavo and SMART sensor taps with sustainable service solutions done by Dolphin staff

3 core pillars of S3

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Lifetime Warranty

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Sustainability Goals

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Professional Care

S3 By Dolphin offers exceptional stability with its lifetime warranty for commercial washroom equipment designed to be disassembled for re-conditioning.

This protection ensures that your washroom will maintain its flawless condition throughout refurbishments, extending the duration of your lease, building, and occupancy.

Commercial washrooms with a potential lifespan of many decades enhance tenant retention because we ensure that our service standards consistently remain high.

Embracing a circular economy solution, S3 By Dolphin reinforces sustainability gains through asset surveys, passporting, carbon neutrality, and adherence to building standards accreditation.

S3 By Dolphin includes disassembly guides and, to further achieve sustainability objectives with precision and reliability, specifying SMART washroom products covered by S3 By Dolphin is recommended.

Connecting these products to a SMART washroom system enhances the ability to effectively monitor, maintain, and diagnose washroom equipment throughout their lifetime. Utilising SMART washroom systems enables informed decisions about optimising washroom operations, conserving water, and streamlining maintenance schedules.

S3 By Dolphin showcases commercial viability by demonstrating its value through operational carbon reduction, transparent pricing, and integration with SMART technology. Additionally, it facilitates entry into the secondary market.

Upholding a professional care and service ethic, S3 By Dolphin stands out with its closed loop system and guided by comprehensive cleaning protocols.

Performed by expert maintenance engineers trained to the Dolphin standard and backed by metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), renewal date, testimonials, case studies, and satisfaction rates, this ensures guaranteed customer satisfaction and underscores its dependability.

How does S3 work?

Discover the life of washroom equipment with S3 By Dolphin by watching our video and exploring the detailed step by step process:

S3 Washroom Equipment Life Process

Step by step guide

Step 1: Specification: Washroom equipment is specified with S3 By Dolphin.
Step 2: Extended Useful Life: Washroom equipment longevity is enhanced through S3 servicing, which is included with S3 By Dolphin.
Step 3: End of Useful Life: Determined by the building’s refurbishment cycle.
Step 4: Inventory Survey: Dolphin conducts an asset survey assessment.
Step 5: End of Life Processing:

  1. If the washroom equipment is in good condition:
    • Upcycle: Equipment is repaired, updated, and refinished.
    • Reuse: Upcycled products are available for new specifications or reinstallation in their original location.
  2. If the washroom equipment is beyond economic reuse:

Journey of a Dolphin Tap

Watch our video to discover the complete lifecycle of a Dolphin tap from start to finish, showcasing how our circular economy solution operates under the S3 By Dolphin cover.

Can existing Dolphin products be covered?

Yes! Dolphin currently assigns team members to conduct thorough reviews and offer valuable feedback before finalising the S3 By Dolphin cover.

We can also perform an initial check for those who do not currently have S3 By Dolphin, ensuring the washroom equipment is in good condition and meets the high-quality standards and criteria.

Washroom product protection costs for hand dryer, sensor soap dispenser, touch-free taps

What does the washroom protection cover cost?

The cost of S3 By Dolphin is tailored to each project’s needs.

For instance, in high traffic areas like airports with hundreds to thousands of daily visitors, more frequent site visits are necessary compared to a small office where washroom usage is minimal.

The monthly cost also depends on the number and types of washroom equipment included in the protection plan, with an affordable fee assigned to each item. This cost structure ensures that our clients pay a reasonable monthly amount tailored to their specific maintenance and circular economy needs.

For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to contact us, as costs may vary based on the scope of coverage and additional services.

Dolphin staff properly maintaining the Alavo mirror system

Why Opt for the S3?

Lifetime Warranty

S3 by Dolphin is a landmark in washroom equipment longevity, providing a lifetime warranty on all our commercial washroom products.

Our innovative approach ensures that your commercial washroom facilities remain functional and efficient, covered by a circular economy solution that includes a new standard in designing washroom equipment to be reused, repaired, or recycled rather than disposed of.

Ensure longevity and performance

It is crucial to preserve the functionality of commercial washroom fittings in a planned preventative maintenance schedule for buildings to ensure optimal performance, extend the lifespan of fixtures, and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

S3 By Dolphin guarantees that your washroom equipment undergoes a lifetime of regular checks by expert maintenance engineers, preventing issues and ensuring a seamless washroom experience for years to come.

Well-maintained, excellent, sustainable commercial washroom Superloo with S3 By Dolphin

Ensuring washrooms remain a testament to excellence

We understand that the impression your washrooms leave directly reflects your commitment to excellence and sustainability efforts. S3 By Dolphin goes beyond routine maintenance, aiming to elevate the washroom experience to unparalleled levels of quality and consistently meet the highest standards.

Speak to a Washroom Consultant today to secure your S3 By Dolphin protection plan and reinforce the excellence that defines your establishment.

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