Fully Customisable to Your Requirements

Whether you’re looking to have single-user Dolphin Alavo mirror stations for your VIP hotel washrooms or multi-user Dolphin Alavo wash stations for your commercial washrooms in your ultramodern business complex, you’d be delighted not having any design restrictions to your project requirements with the Alavo.

Choose from matching splashbacks, different lighting colour options, and the extensive selection of Dolphin sensor taps, foam systems, and hand dryers for your Alavo mirror systems while giving your wash stations that sleek and exquisite overall character with Corian® wash troughs, basins, and vanity tops. That should give your solid surface wash basin and tops that stunning opulence sans troublesome seams that create a haven for moulds, residue, and dirt

Complete, Convenient, Clutter Free

Without compromising their impressive design aesthetics and usability features, the Dolphin Alavo mirror system ensures a complete, convenient, and clutter-free handwashing experience for your commercial washroom users. Eliminating the need to move from one place to another to soap and rinse and dry their hands, this innovative wash wall system from Dolphin significantly reduces water mess and any clutter that can cause slips and trips.

The highly minimalistic design, clean lines, and frameless Dolphin Alavo wash station makes for straightforward installation, easy replenishment of the consumables, and simplified maintenance without having to worry about stubborn moulds and residue nor any restrictions with regards your Alavo mirror systems not blending perfectly well with your washroom design.