Commercial Shower Sets

Whether you are planning commercial showers for gyms, end-of-trip facilities, or Doc M showers, we offer a comprehensive range of everything you need to create a beautiful and sustainable shower area.

Catering to your needs, we provide an extensive selection of commercial shower accessories and offer expert guidance on designing showers for various commercial spaces.

Our dedicated washroom consultants will help you source all the essential washroom products you need to ensure you create the ideal commercial shower cubicle.

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Endless design possibilities

Dolphin specialises in supplying a diverse range of commercial shower fixtures, offering special finishes like Ceramic coating, Polyester Powder coated, brushed satin, and mirror polished stainless steel that enhances both elegance and durability.

Our commercial shower sets cover everything from ceiling mounted sophistication to practical wall mounted shower head options, catering to a wide range of preferences. Additionally, our precision engineered commercial shower controls guarantee optimal functionality.

Customers have the freedom to choose between square and round commercial shower heads, allowing them to customise their showers according to their unique style preferences.

Dolphin also offers shower signage for safety and aesthetics and a selection of commercial shower soap dispensers for cleanliness and organisation, facilitating a hygienic environment.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

In our pursuit of elevating the washroom design experience, we prioritise adherence to Document Part M of the building regulations and offer Doc M shower packs that comply with these laws. Prioritising personalised convenience, our commercial shower packs include handheld shower heads and sliders, ensuring flexibility and comfort during use. The Dolphin shower curtain with an LRV value of 83.99% is also included in the shower packs.

Emphasising water conservation and efficiency, our shower products incorporate flow restrictors and regulators, aligning seamlessly with BREEAM flow rates for sustainable usage. With flow regulators available in 5, 6, and 9 litres per minute, alongside shower controls featuring 7 and 6 L/M flow restrictors, our collection provides versatile options to accommodate diverse water flow requirements for water saving showers.

To ensure safety and precise temperature control, our commercial shower range includes TMV2 and TMV3 thermostatic mixing valves.

All our commercial shower packs are WRAS approved, signifying compliance with water authority standards. Additionally, you will find in our wall mounted commercial shower head range easy clean nozzles equipped with soft silicone, facilitating the effortless removal of lime deposits.

Explore the Dolphin shower set range

At every turn, our meticulously designed features aim to enhance the washroom experience, seamlessly blending compliance, efficiency, and convenience. From special finishes that add elegance to various fixtures adhering to UK building regulations, our washroom products are crafted to elevate commercial shower experiences.

Experience excellence in commercial shower solutions with Dolphin’s innovative product line, ensuring premium quality and functionality for all your commercial washroom needs.

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