Touch Free & Manual Soap Dispensers

We are proud to offer a huge range of commercial hand soap dispensers as well as sanitiser dispensers for public and commercial washrooms. With hand washing being more important than ever commercial dispensers are critical. Our range includes a number of different design and finish options, from infrared hands-free dispensers, to non-touch foaming soap dispensers and much more. We also have multifeed dispensers and bottle holders. Our high quality soap dispensers are designed to look good, work well, and be able to handle high levels of use common in public and commercial washrooms.

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Commercial Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are crucial in commercial washrooms to ensure that people can thoroughly wash their hands in an efficient and hygienic manner. The guidelines for Covid-19 have taught us the importance of using soap when we wash our hands to remove bacteria, so it’s more important than ever to maintain public restrooms with accessible soap dispensers. Our range of soap dispensers are designed to withstand the constant use that public spaces demand, so you can rest assured that your washrooms are well equipped for all users. Our soap dispensers are able to fit in any size washroom; if you need a small soap dispenser to fit into a tight space, we can facilitate that. If you’d rather have a luxury wall mounted soap dispenser or metal soap dispenser, we can provide a range of options for any soap dispenser need.

Hands Free / No Touch Soap Dispensers

Hands-free dispensers offer the perfect amount of soap to users and are ideally suited to premises where hygiene is of paramount importance, from hospitals and medical facilities to food preparation areas. These types of dispensers can be floor standing or attached to the wall, and utilise infrared no-touch technology for easy, automatic use.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Wall mounted soap dispensers are commonly used in commercial washrooms, as they’re easy to use, robust and perfect for high-traffic areas. From elbow-operated dispensers to automatic no-touch options and push-button operations, our wall-mounted dispensers are high-quality and designed to be secure and vandal-proof.

Top Fill Soap Dispensers

Top-fill, counter-mounted soap dispensers are a convenient and modern fixture for premises that want an alternative to the more traditional wall-mounted design. These dispensers are easy to refill and offer plenty of flexibility in terms of the soaps that can be used. They can be left on top of the counter space or easily placed beneath the counter to be out of sight but easy to reach.

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