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As the year draws to a close, it is time to start thinking about the different types of washroom products to include in your next big project. Whether your commercial washroom design is a traditional design or superloo layout, a perfect washroom product match is just waiting to be found to add that extra charm to your washroom.

As a premium provider of washroom products, we have borne witness to the growing commercial washroom product trends, and this article uncovers the types of products you can expect to see in 2023 design plans and the rapid swing from manual to touch free washroom solutions.

Trending washroom products

Dolphin SMART wall mounted commercial washroom tap

Wall mounted taps

Interestingly, we have seen a high demand for wall mounted commercial taps, possibly due to the easy cleaning and maintenance benefits and achieving a decluttered aesthetic appeal. Although more and more projects are specifying wall mounted taps, this does not mean basin mounted traditional taps are phasing out because they are still a classic washroom feature.

Commercial hand dryer with HEPA filter

HEPA filters in commercial hand dryers

Before the covid pandemic, there was a big drive towards automatic hand dryers because they are more sustainable and cost-effective to run. However, during the pandemic, we saw a swing back to commercial paper towel dispensers because they are more hygienic. Unlike hand dryers blowing germs around the washroom, paper towel dispensers could contain the spread with their single-use hand drying solution.

However, we have seen HEPA filter hand dryers making a comeback which removes particles and bacteria from the air as it enters the unit. Although there may be more benefits of hand dryers over paper towels, designers are choosing to keep both in their plans to be more accommodating to users. In this case, a combination unit may become part of 2023’s commercial washroom product trends.

Commercial washroom trendy Alavo mirrors with brass accent and plants

Commercial washroom mirrors

Mirrors improve the appearance of commercial washrooms and provide an illusion to make small spaces seem big, lighten up the room, and enhance the washroom characteristics with a reflection of the design for users to appreciate from all angles.

A commercial washroom product trend is to include slim mirrors at the wash station, making the washroom look more simplistic and spacious. With the move to a pill shape or a mirror with rounded corners, the fad of sharp-cut edges mounted perfectly in line with room corners is no longer the standard options designers must incorporate.

Slim mirrors also draw more attention to fixtures and fittings, particularly those with special finishes, so as not to detract from the effort put into the detail in the washroom.

Dolphin DC2005 wall mounted WC pan

Wall hung toilets

Wall mounted toilet pans are becoming increasingly popular due to their space-saving design and hidden cistern in the wall. Elevated wall hung toilets are generally easier to clean, and cleaning teams can mop the floor underneath them, unlike traditional WC pans where dirt can accumulate in the small gaps you often find between the WC and the wall or floor.

Trending circular counter top individual wash basin

Counter top wash basins

There seems to be a shift from commercial wash troughs to individual wash basins on vanity tops, but countertop basins are not necessarily suitable for every type of washroom. In the office environment, however, we are noticing a commercial washroom product trend to provide dedicated wash basins that give a more home away from home feel.

Foam soap sealed cartridge system trending washroom design

Foam soap sealed cartridge systems

Commercial foam soap saves water and energy, but this is not the only reason the soap cartridge system appeals to designers. Replenishing soap cartridges is hassle free, cartridges need replacing less often than a standard liquid commercial soap dispenser, the cartridge packaging is recyclable, and sealed cartridge systems offer a higher level of hygiene and greatly reduce bacterial contamination during the topping up process.

Touch free product trends

Trending automatic electronic flush plate

Automatic flush plates

Concealed cisterns, cistern frames, but most of all, automatic flush plates are a rising star and quickly becoming the go-to flush option in superloos, traditional washrooms and accessible washrooms.

Dolphin Infrared Mixer Sensor Tap

Sensor taps

The ultimate touchless hand washing station is not complete without commercial sensor taps. Regardless of the covid pandemic, we have seen a drastic increase of infrared taps being specified in commercial washroom designs compared to traditional manual taps.

Trending wall plate mounted touch-free soap dispenser

Touch free soap dispensers

Although there is a steady pace at which traditional commercial soap dispensers move in the market, automatic soap dispensers are certainly taking the lead in the 2023 commercial washroom product trends. Controlling soap costs, hygienic properties, and creative placements (on or behind a mirror) are all benefits of an automatic soap dispenser in a modern prestige washroom.

Trendy commercial washroom fixtures and fittings

Washroom designs and product trends

The move towards water and energy saving touch free products is evident in 2023’s commercial washroom product trends. There is more attention to detail now than merely adding a sanitary fitting to fulfil its purpose in a washroom. Architects want to ensure that the chosen products add more value to the washroom than what meets the eye.

The value a washroom product can add to its aesthetic appeal is its recyclable properties, provides a good user experience, possesses optimum hygiene properties, ease of maintenance, and is sustainable in eco-friendly material, performance and running costs. These qualities are all found in our trending washroom products going into 2023.

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Start your design journey by reading our top commercial washroom design trends blog and draw inspiration to match your washroom products with trending layouts, colour pallets and innovative interior design ideas.

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