Baby Change

These intelligently designed baby change units and tables are available in plastic or stainless steel and either recessed or surface-mounted to compliment your washroom design. Perfect for public and commercial washrooms our baby change units and tables are designed for safety, comfort and to be easy to clean.

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Commercial Baby Changing Units

Commercial baby changing units are an essential item in any public washroom in order to provide a safe and convenient place for people to change their babies’ nappies. An absence of baby changing facilities can reflect badly on a business and indicates that they’re not taking their customer’s or staff’s needs into account. It’s important that all businesses provide a safe and clean space for their children – with our range of child-friendly units, you can rest assured that you’re providing a suitable space for them to use.

Commercial Baby Changing Tables

There are several options for baby changing tables for commercial spaces, from wall-mounted units to counter-mounted tables that can be fixed in place on floor units. It’s important to ensure there’s plenty of space surrounding the unit itself to give parents or carers room for prams or changing bags, as well as to make the unit easy to keep clean and hygienic. As most baby changing units fold up, the units don’t take up too much space and will remain discreet and practical. Recessed changing units are also an option for public restrooms where space is at a premium.

Safe and Secure Baby Changing Unit

Our baby changing units are secure and robust, so users can rest assured that their baby will be safe while they are being changed. We offer wall-mounted seats and vertical tables that include safety straps to keep the child secure and safe, as well as changing tables with stainless steel covers to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness. These options are great for busy environments such as gyms or public changing rooms where the tables will be used regularly, ensuring that they can be wiped down easily ready for the next user.

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