Commercial Baby Changing Unit Range

Prioritise safety, comfort, and convenience for children, parents, and caregivers while creating a welcoming, visually appealing infant changing station in line with your design vision.

Our commercial baby changing unit range caters to diverse washroom styles, accommodating architects’ and caregivers’ preferences that are ideal for public spaces like retail premises and commercial developments.

Discover the different types of changing tables in the Dolphin range to elevate your commercial washroom design and cater to the needs of caregivers and children, ensuring a safe, seamless and functional experience for all.

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Endless design possibilities

There are endless design possibilities with our commercial baby changing unit range. Explore durable options like a wall mounted baby changing table, recessed, and secure counter top changing units with extra deep barriers, and choose from polyester powder coated finishes, classic brushed satin stainless steel baby change tables, or traditional polyethylene styles.

We also offer a vertical foldable changing table and horizontal changing station options.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

The Dolphin baby change range allows architects to create a space that meets their specific design needs while elevating the overall user experience for both caregivers and children.

Our commercial baby changing unit range features maintenance free lifting mechanisms, allowing effortless opening and closing. Supported by gas struts and pneumatic shock absorbers, they ensure easy operation for user convenience.

Designers aiming to support caregivers with toddlers will find the Dolphin child safety seat to be a secure, thoughtful addition. Designed for ages up to 3.5 years and weight less than 22.7kg (50lb), the wall mounted child safety seat alleviates stress by providing a dedicated space for toddlers, ensuring all user needs are accommodated effectively and safely, thus enhancing the user experience.

Explore the Dolphin baby change range

Our comprehensive range includes essential changing table accessories, giving architects the all-in-one washroom solution for all their commercial baby changer needs. These washroom products include a baby change liner dispenser, paper rolls for the liner dispenser, spare changing table strap, baby change signage, and EZ mount backer plates.

The Dolphin collection features infant changing tables catering to various ages and weight capacities, accommodating up to 22.7 kg. Additionally, we offer a specialised fold down changing table with a carrying capacity of up to 400kg.

Dolphin baby change tables comply with UK Building Regulations, EN Standards, and British Standards, assuring quality, safety, and adherence to industry benchmarks.

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