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You might say your washroom has a mind of its own once you have integrated a SMART system and it may even be the most intelligent space in the building.

Technology has transformed the way we do business and how we interact with each other, adding convenience to our lives in many aspects, and of course, it would be found creeping into the space that is used by every individual occupying a building. Yes, the washroom is no exception from the grip of technology.

Dolphin has not only integrated SMART into our own washrooms, but we have worked on several projects where SMART washroom technology was incorporated. Learn more about Dolphin’s SMART system, how it works, and why this technology affects more than just the sustainability of your project.

What you measure you can manage, and what you manage you can improve.

Analysis and

In business, we expect to see that our daily efforts produce positive results. We rely on data and hard evidence to prove that our strategies are working, where to improve processes, and pinpoint any weak links. The goal is to constantly improve the performance of the organisation to grow opportunities or enhance existing ones.

SMART delivers a business owner’s dream by providing statistical information on washroom utilisation points. It empowers your business to demonstrate sustainability with its monitoring functions so that you can make better informed decisions to either change processes or encourage better sanitary behaviour.

Touch-free tap in gold finish, SMART washroom

What does SMART do?

Driven by IoT, SMART integrates with all sensor activated fittings such as touch free taps, WC flush plates, urinals, and hygiene flushes. The technology is truly pioneering as all these components are linked to a sophisticated network gateway by means of Bluetooth or an Ethernet/MQTT interface.

It monitors water usage activations, transmits notifications for soap and paper towel refills, and enables predictive maintenance with an alarm followed by tasks to be actioned. The valuable granular data is uploaded to the Dolphin Cloud where you can view the statistics, analyse diagnostics, change the settings of fittings, and track activations in real time. This is your visual dashboard providing access to data of the various installations.

The Dolphin Cloud

Do you want to check the sensor status? Or perhaps the water history? The Dolphin Cloud enables you to view different information from sensor parameters to devices, usage, and service management. Presented in a user-friendly layout, the Cloud includes graphs, sensor categories per washroom, and an alarm section, making this software easy to navigate and use.

Smart washroom technology data collection illustration

How is data collected?

Each time there is an activation, such as a toilet flush or a flowing tap, the sensor converts the action into an electrical signal and passes the signal through the interface, ultimately converting it into quantitative data. The information is automatically uploaded to the Cloud for your observation.


Through the Dolphin SMART App, you have remote control of all the devices and timed activities available at your fingertips around the clock. Study the washroom activity through flush and water usage, the total number of uses, operating hours, daily average usage, and more.

The App also alerts you with notifications regarding any concerning factors or service alarms, enabling swift action to address any issues.

Alavo SMART washroom in Melbourne T3 Airport

Sustainability, energy, and cost savings

SMART technology was engineered for sustainability, saving water, and conserving energy. Each sensor fitting is optimised to use less water and energy, so it is not only sensible to incorporate SMART into your washroom, but it is an investment that comes with long-term benefits such as saving money and improving user experience.

For example, touch free taps release a controlled flow of water preventing unnecessary wastage including a security timer for prolonged use. A hot water loop enables a consistent temperature to run through the tap which reduces the energy required to heat up cold water per intermittent use.

The Dolphin ALAVO mirror system is the ultimate sustainable solution as it incorporates a sensor tap, foam soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, and high-speed, low-energy hand dryer, all concealed behind the wash station mirror. Integrated SMART technology for ALAVO not only monitors activations and feeds the information through to the Dolphin Cloud, but it also comes with discreet symbol displays built into the mirror. These symbols light up when refills or maintenance is due.

Being one of Dolphin’s flagship products, this sophisticated system is designed to have the highest standards of innovation, safety, elegance, and eco-friendly qualities.

Why should you have a SMART washroom?

Integrating SMART washroom technology supports building owners and managers to streamline their hygiene, energy, and water consumption processes, essentially demonstrating the sustainability of their building. It creates an environment where occupiers can appreciate the innovation and take pride in their workplace because they are a part of the global movement toward smart buildings and technological development.

The overall benefit of going SMART

  • Sustainability
    Provides more efficient control over energy and water usage which significantly reduces environmental and ecological threats. By monitoring energy and water consumption you can identify how much is being used and implement measures to adjust and reduce usage in real-time, thus, saving you money.
  • Employee wellbeing
    Creates an environment where employees feel their physical health and wellbeing is a priority and is being supported.
  • Company Brand
    Attract and retain top talent by creating an environment that appeals to occupiers and their environmental values. Incorporating superior energy-efficient solutions boosts the reputation of the modern workplace and reinforces its high standards.

Be a leader in benefiting society by implementing SMART washroom technology and inspire the industry with your prestige washroom.