Commercial WC Sets

Explore Dolphin’s range of commercial WC pans, commercial cisterns, and flush plates—a collection of washroom products that combine smart design with everyday convenience.

Whether you are looking for wall hung, floor mounted, close coupled, or compliant Doc M WC options, our range offers a captivating variety of designs to elevate any commercial washroom.

Our commercial WC sets feature space saving concealed cistern frames and contemporary flush plates, bringing a touch of simplicity and elegance to any washroom design. Seamlessly merging practicality with timeless aesthetics, our ceramic WC sets provide hassle free maintenance, and visually appealing WC solutions to suit your needs.

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Endless design possibilities

The diversity in styles cater to various preferences and space requirements. We offer a spectrum of shapes, sizes, and special finishes, allowing architects and designers to tailor their choices to suit specific aesthetic tastes and functional needs.

In addition to commercial WC sets, we provide innovative features such as dual flush mechanisms for water efficiency, touch free flush plates, urinal flush valve kits, and various options for cistern frame heights.

The choices available empower architects to select commercial WC sets that not only complement their washroom’s style but also align with their comfort and sustainability preferences.


Elevating Washroom Design Experience

By carefully selecting innovative commercial WC sets with sustainable features and incorporating sleek flush plates with special finishes, these elements collectively transform the overall washroom experience. They go beyond mere functionality, enhancing the way we interact with and appreciate this essential space in our daily lives.


Explore our WC pans, cisterns, and flush plates range

Discover a world where every detail, from WC suite declarations like the Declaration of Performance and Declaration of Conformity to BREEAM low flush volumes and the ingenious mechanism of our delayed action inlet valve, stands as a testament to our dedication to water conservation without compromising on performance.

Dolphin WC sets offer more than just functionality in a commercial washroom — our range signifies a commitment to creating a washroom that is both seamless and environmentally conscious, providing a refreshing experience for all individuals.

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