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The Sustainable Washroom
The Sustainable Washroom

Create a washroom experience and safeguard the planet

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Exchange House Case Study
The Exchange House, London

Perfect Integration of a Revolutionary Soap System in a Minimalistic Design

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155 Bishopsgate Case Study
155 Bishopsgate, London

Touch-Free Washroom Concept Highlighted in a Commercial Building Refurbishment

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Dolphin Superloo Set - Alavo - Black Finish
New Superloo Sets

Privacy, space saving, and inclusivity - a new way of thinking about washrooms

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New Shower Range

Full shower range with various finishes

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Dolphin Solutions

From design to delivery, Dolphin offers the complete washroom solution tailored to your exact specifications.

Redefining standards of washroom quality, functionality, and sustainability, our innovative range of products exhibit world-class design, exceptional quality and performance, and a sustainably driven ethos that safeguards the environment.

Our expansive range of commercial bathroom supplies and washroom solutions enable intuitive functionality, whilst saving water, energy, time, and space.

Beautifully designed. Sustainably made.

Partnering with our team of architects, designers, and industry experts, we are unwavering in our focus to provide you with the finest commercial washrooms.

Together with our core values of care, integrity, and enthusiasm, we are motivated and inspired to design washrooms that are beautiful, comfortable, and intuitively simple to use.

Discover the Dolphin Experience

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New showroom coming soon!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who have visited our Farringdon showroom that will now close on 1 August 2022. As we move into our new location based in central London, we look forward to welcoming you to the exciting launch!

Look out for the big reveal!

Dolphin central London showroom coming soon

Guaranteed durability, sophistication, and pure configuration that enables effortless integration into any washroom design and specification in answer to your needs.

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Learn more about our high-speed hand dryers that offer super-fast performance with less energy consumption and virtually zero carbon footprint.

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Experience the immense breadth of our product range in all their innovative functionality and exquisite designs.

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Recognise all the needs of your diverse washroom users and provide convenience and total accessibility for them.

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Complete your commercial washroom with our automatic refilling dispensers for total hygienic hand-washing experience.

Explore Soap Dispensers

Equip your public washroom with excellent paper towel dispensers for your users’ thorough hand-washing experience.

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Get everything you need in your commercial washroom setup in an exquisite and bespoke behind-the-mirror design to your specification.

Configure Your Very Own Alavo

Discover unlimited options for your washroom, from taps to hand dryers to soap dispensers, with the ultimate immersive 3D experience.

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