Commercial washroom taps

SMART enabled, sustainable, WRAS approved, and compliant with industry standards such as BREEAM, SKA, LEED, WELL, and Doc M regulations – Are these the commercial washroom taps you’ve been searching for?

Dolphin taps are more than just a premium commercial washroom product; they are designed to save water, energy, and space, ultimately reducing long-term costs. This makes them a valuable long-term investment.

Explore our wide range of commercial washroom taps, including touch free, manual, counter mounted, and wall mounted options, available in various lengths, with special coatings and colours.

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Endless design possibilities

Within the Dolphin tap range, there are washroom taps available in many styles, special coatings, and configurations, allowing for customisation to fit the unique needs of any commercial washroom project.

Whether it’s a sleek and modern design for a contemporary office building, a classic and elegant option for a luxury hotel, or a robust and practical choice for a high traffic public facility, we have commercial washroom taps to suit every washroom design vision and functional requirement.

We also offer commercial washroom taps with more intricate and eye catching designs, incorporating features such as unique shapes, various mounting options, touch free and manual operation.

As with Dolphin’s other washroom products, our commercial washroom taps are available in special finishes including Ceramic coating, PVD, PPC, brushed satin, and mirror polished stainless steel.


Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Dolphin commercial washroom taps’ features and certifications underscore our commitment to providing high quality, environmentally conscious solutions for commercial washrooms while also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

  • SMART Washroom Technology: Dolphin Inform taps are SMART enabled, meaning they can be integrated into intelligent building management systems.
  • Sustainable: We prioritise sustainability in our commercial tap designs, incorporating features such as low flow rates, timed hygiene flush technology, the innovative wall plate kit (Strataplate), and sensor tap security timeout features to minimise water wastage.
  • WRAS Approved: WRAS approval ensures that the Dolphin sensor tap and manual tap range comply with UK water regulations, guaranteeing that they are safe, reliable, and meet stringent quality standards.
  • BREEAM Compliant, LEED Compliant, SKA and WELL Compliant: Dolphin commercial washroom taps are designed with sustainability and environmental performance in mind, making them compliant with various green building certifications.
  • Doc M and BS8300 Compliance: Dolphin Doc M mixer taps are designed for accessibility and are engineered with features such as lever operation, anti-ligature design, and ergonomic considerations to ensure ease of use for people with disabilities or mobility impairments.

Explore Dolphin’s manual and touch free taps

Our taps serve as focal points in all types of washroom designs, adding visual interest and personality while still delivering exceptional performance.

If you are wondering which taps are best quality, browse through our range of commercial washroom taps and tap supplies or reach out to one of our experienced washroom consultants who will help you specify the best tap for your washroom project.

  • Infrared sensor taps
  • Manual taps
  • Behind mirror commercial sensor taps
  • Commercial wall mounted taps – wall plate kit
  • Panel mounted taps
  • Counter mounted taps
  • SMART taps
  • Commercial mixer taps
  • TMV3 mixer valves
  • Soap and water remote control
  • Inform tap Bluetooth adaptor
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