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Dolphin offers an extensive range of washroom consumables for commercial washroom supplies, spanning from foam soap cartridges, soap bottles, battery packs and transformers, soap dispenser key spares, replacement pumps, spare toilet brush heads, changing table straps and warning labels, to essential paper towels.

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Endless design possibilities

With Dolphin’s wide range of washroom spares and consumables, the possibilities for designing and maintaining a commercial washroom are endless.

From refill foam soap cartridges that feed Dolphin soap dispensers, replacement WELL v2 compliant HEPA filters for the Dolphin behind mirror hand dryer, to luxury paper towels, these washroom consumables empower designers to create commercial washrooms that reflect a unique style and meet facility teams’ needs.

With our comprehensive range of washroom products and dedicated customer support, you can trust that your washroom needs are not only met but exceeded, ensuring optimal cleanliness, functionality, and satisfaction for you, your clients, users, and maintenance teams.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Ensuring your washroom operates optimally and efficiently needs more than just washroom supplies—it needs a comprehensive range of consumables and washroom spares.

As the easiest washroom company to work with, we streamline your experience by offering a diverse selection of washroom consumables and spare parts.

This becomes particularly invaluable post-project handover, when facilities teams assume the responsibility of maintaining washroom facilities at their peak functionality and condition.

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Find everything you need to maintain a clean and functional commercial washroom.

With Dolphin, washroom maintenance is simplified. Our user-friendly approach means you can effortlessly find and replenish washroom consumables, keeping washrooms operating smoothly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sourcing different washroom products from multiple suppliers—our all-in-one washroom solution provides convenience and peace of mind.

Experience the difference with Dolphin as you unlock the potential to transform your washroom into a pristine, easy to maintain, and inviting space.

Contact a washroom consultant today to discuss all your needs for washroom consumables and spare parts and elevate your washroom experience to new heights.

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