The Power of Touchless Solutions

Preventing (and even eliminating) any risks of transmitting germs in commercial washrooms all boils down to an essential design strategy: minimising touch points. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, user interaction in a washroom environment can now be controlled to minimise if not eliminate unnecessary touchpoints with various washroom solutions designed with sensor technology.

From sensor taps to automatic soap and sanitiser dispensers, touchless paper dispensers and hand dryers, designing modern-day commercial washrooms that significantly reduce health and hygiene risks are now relatively simpler and easier to achieve.

And how better to illustrate this innovation and all the great benefits it brings than with Dolphin Solutions Alavo wash station.

All Your Handwashing Essentials in One Place

The Alavo mirror system, Dolphin’s touchless handwashing station is a fully customisable behind-mirror unit and wash station complete with sensor taps, infrared soap systems, and high-speed hand dryers, all in concealed cartridges behind the mirror in one wash station.

Expertly designed by Dolphin’s elite team of engineers and designers using innovative technology, the Alavo smart mirror system perfectly illustrates how setting the benchmarks high on your washroom products’ usability and durability should not compromise standards on ensuring optimised hygiene and premium design with their every use.

With this intuitive behind-mirror washwall system from Dolphin eliminating touchpoints for every washroom use with all the essentials—taps, soap, and dryer— built with smart sensor technology behind the mirror, the risks of transmitting germs from any of the washroom surfaces to your users or from one user to your washroom surface is therefore significantly reduced.

Hygienic, Touchless Handwashing Experience

Be confident with providing your washroom users no less than the safest and most hygienic washroom visit with a completely touchless experience with the Dolpin Alavo wash station.

The Dolphin product range presents an excellent variety of sensor taps designs to go with your Alavo configuration. Our team of engineers would in most cases recommend specifying a complemented touch-free soap dispenser to go with your taps. This innovative tap and soap dispenser combination offers the ultimate user convenience with its optimised hygienic benefits and the touchless technology it’s designed with. With your Alavo behind-mirror system easily retrofitted on any existing tops and troughs, this means any existing soap dispensers can now be converted to dispense alcohol or other sanitisers for additional hygiene protocols.

High-Speed, Low-Energy HEPA-Filtered Hand Drying

No handwashing is ever complete without properly drying one’s hands, keeping them free of harmful germs and dirt and therefore avoiding any risks of contamination or infection.

While washroom hand dryers aren’t technically new technology, HEPA-filtered hand dryers in your behind-mirror handwashing station is—and that’s exactly just one functionality your Dolphin Alavo mirror system can be precisely configured to have and do.

On a side note, what exactly does a HEPA filter do? HEPA is short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is a concept used popularly with appliances such as your car and home air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and hand dryers, among others.

From a technical perspective, HEPA filters eliminate 99.97 percent of all bacteria at 0.3 microns, wherein viruses are all larger than 1 micron when they are typically bonded to aerosols or small moisture droplets. These aerosols or droplets are produced when we breathe, cough, or simply talk.

No More Water Mess and Slip Hazards

Water mess is likewise eliminated with the Alavo handwashing station and therefore trip hazards and other similar accidents are prevented in your commercial washroom. The all-in-one touchless handwashing station implementation in your washroom likewise discards the need to queue for the common hand dryer (as with traditional washroom setups) thereby allowing for improved traffic flow and encouraging proper social distancing between and among users.

Save up on costs and free up personnel work with your replenishment and maintenance routines practically simplified on a whole new level.  As such, this further encourages hygiene best practices that minimises as much touchpoints in the washroom to eliminate as much health risks there is.

Elegant, Easy-Clean, Antimicrobial Surface Materials

The innovation of the Alavo behind-mirror unit does not end with the touchless features of taps, soap<, and hand dryer that it houses. Most of our Alavo projects come designed with Corian vanity tops and troughs that give your handwashing stations not only that elegant look but an antimicrobial surface that’s easy to clean and maintain.

You can choose to have your Alavo come with vanity tops, troughs, and sinks made from Corian, a practical, great-looking, and solid surface material that can stand the day-to-day pressures of any public or commercial washroom.

Because of the unique way Corian is fabricated, your Corian wash troughs and tops can be made to fit any space and achieve that seamless wash area in your handwashing station. This further means the use of sealant for those gaps and between your tops and sinks will no longer be necessary. That’s an additional cost-efficient advantage plus the easy maintenance routine and removal of potential places where bacteria, mould, and other harmful microorganisms can breed and grow.

Complete your Alavo modular wash systems and Corian vanity units with various specifications to answer your commercial washroom needs, including fixed slots for waste retainers, exposed waste outlets, and individual wastes that come with a range of gradient colour options of your choosing, combining hygiene with stunning aesthetics.

The Ultimate Alavo Configurator

The innovative fusion of hygiene and design in the all-in-one Dolhin Alavo system does not stop with the remarkable functions and features that comes with it. Yes, there’s the touchless taps, soap dispensers, dryers or paper towel dispensers concealed behind the mirror for complete functionality, and the Corian tops and troughs of your chosen design, and maybe some stunning colour options for your backlighting that will give your commercial washroom that sleek and clean look. But there definitely is more.

As its name suggests, the Alavo washroom configurator is Dolphin’s proprietary online configuration tool that allows businesses to customise the modular Alavo systems for their commercial washrooms. With its interactive form and cutting-edge software technology, it enables your business to create bespoke designs that match your unique washroom needs and specifications.

Whether you’re looking to put up single or multiple behind-mirror handwashing stations; with some or all the handwashing essentials of tap, soap, hand dryer, and dispenser; glam it up with Corian vanity tops and troughs; and many others, the Alavo Configurator will help you design, build, and deliver your specification document within minutes.

Discover the numerous benefits and advantages the Alavo mirror system and touchless handwashing station that adds up to the finest washroom experience for your commercial washroom users.