Reading time: 3 minutes / Updated: July 27, 2022

The ALAVO Mirror System is Dolphin’s flagship product that encompasses elegance, hygiene benefits, and excellent user experience, at the same time demonstrating sustainability with its unique sensor features and washroom technology.

The system boasts an all-in-one fusion of hygiene, design, and technology for user well-being, safeguarding our planet and promoting a hygiene-conscious environment that many organisations on a global scale are focusing on achieving.

Alavo touch-free technology handwashing

The power of touch free technology

The design strategy was centrally focused on touch-free technology and minimising touchpoints to reduce health risks and promote a hygienic Alavo washstation that prevents the risk of germs transmitting in the washroom.

Combining sensor taps, automatic hand dryers, touch free soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers into one unit makes for a modern-day washstation with the latest technological advancements available for a commercial washroom.

Handwashing essentials in one place

The ALAVO washstation incorporates all the handwashing essentials concealed behind a mirror system displaying a minimalist aesthetic appeal in a symmetrical layout and giving users more space to wash their hands.

As the system is customisable, designers are not restricted to an ALAVO washstation that incorporates handwashing essentials only within the unit. A combination of the accessories can be part of the mirror system and separately mounted if desired.

Alavo modern handwashing stations

Sensor taps

ALAVO exhibits an ultra-modern, uncluttered look around the wash station space with its integrated sensor taps. If a wall-mounted or surface-mounted tap is more fitting, there are numerous options to choose from to suit any style and design layout.

Touch free soap dispensers

Touch free soap dispensers

The integrated soap dispenser offers the ultimate user experience with its optimised hygienic benefits and touchless functionality.

Concealed within the ALAVO unit is a unique foam soap cartridge multifeed system that can supply up to 8 foam soap dispensers.

HEPA filter hand dryers

High-speed, low-energy HEPA filter hand dryers

Compared to standard automatic hand dryers, the ALAVO washstation system incorporates a high-speed, low-energy hand dryer with a HEPA filter that removes airborne particles such as dust and bacteria. As the suction forces air through the fine material of the HEPA filter, users can dry their hands with cleaner air.

Paper towel dispensers

Renowned for the most effective method of drying hands and removing bacteria, ALAVO’s integrated paper towel dispensers are hidden within the flawless design and cause less contamination in the washroom area.

The ultimate touchless handwashing station

As touch-free fittings significantly reduce cross-contamination in commercial washrooms, it is crucial to focus on minimising the touchpoints and improving user experience with 21st-century design trends and washroom technology.

The fusion between innovation and design makes a commercial washroom exceptional, adding value to the building and creating a hygiene-conscious environment.

Start customising your ALAVO washstation system with Dolphin’s ALAVO configuration tool, and create the perfect innovative blend of hygiene, design, and technology for your prestige washroom.