We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future by providing innovative washroom solutions and take pride in offering a comprehensive range of commercial washroom products that are designed to meet high standards of quality, hygiene, and environmental responsibility.

Our aim is to revolutionise washroom design across the globe and transform the way people perceive and experience commercial washrooms — one Dolphin solution at a time.



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What makes Dolphin unique?

What our customers often want to know about Dolphin Solutions is what makes us different from other washroom companies, and how we can add value to their project.

To learn more about Dolphin Solutions, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch our video. It will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

Who do we work with?

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Gold SMART taps installed in Exchange House washroom

What industries do we provide washroom solutions for?

What you may not know about Dolphin Solutions is that we provide washroom products and services to the following industries:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Leisure
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Global Presence

Did you know that Dolphin Solutions not only produces a wide range of washroom products at its UK-based manufacturing site, but also has a strong global presence with distributors spread across five continents?

With our commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to offer our customers the best washroom solutions for their project needs, no matter where they are located.

3 Pillars of Trust

Innovation that drives experience

From design to delivery, Dolphin offers the complete washroom solution tailored to your exact specifications.

Beautifully sustainable washrooms

We’ll help you achieve your sustainability goals by first understanding your needs and creating a solution that is both beautiful, functional, and fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Culture-driven consultancy

What’s more about Dolphin Solutions, our input never ends at the point of sale, we are driven by a deep-rooted cultural commitment to providing outstanding customer service and long-standing aftercare.

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Driven by our core values


At Dolphin Solutions, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and innovation.

That is why we take pride in designing and manufacturing all of our products in our state-of-the-art UK facility, where we utilise the latest washroom innovation and technology.


We place a great deal of importance on understanding your unique needs, as well as the needs of the end-users of your washroom facilities.

By doing so, we can create tailor-made solutions that prioritise comfort, quality, and sustainability, resulting in a superior end product that exceeds expectations.

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Our reputation is built on trust, and we strive to continually improve and exceed expectations. We take pride in designing, manufacturing, and supplying washrooms of the highest quality, and we are committed to maintaining those standards throughout the entire lifespan of our products.


Every day presents new challenges to overcome and new opportunities to be grasped, but we wake up raring to go.

For our Dolphin pod, finding the perfect washroom solution is what makes us tick.

Elevating your commercial washroom design

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the superior quality of our washroom products and customer service, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Dolphin Solutions and the solutions we provide, we highly recommend watching our video. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of what we can offer you and what sets us apart within the washroom industry.

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