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The imagination and originality all designers possess are unique and different but staying in touch with the here and now to satisfy the modern world is why we follow trends. But having said that, designers must not neglect the creativity they have to offer.

As a provider of prestige washroom solutions and having worked on hundreds of projects over the past 23 years, we have seen design trends come and go. For this reason, we have put together the top commercial washroom trends you can expect to see in 2023 for washroom layouts and interior design taking the spotlight.

Let’s help you get those creative juices flowing for your next exhilarating washroom project experience!

Popular washroom layouts

Alavo superloo commercial washroom design

Superloo design

Architects looking for an all-in-one commercial washroom design solution are bound to think of a superloo layout. Where there are fewer toilets on a floor, we have observed that architects choose to bring in a superloo design, whether gender-neutral or gender specific.

There are creative ways to retain a sense of space in a small superloo for those who wish to maximise space usage by keeping the superloo dimensions at a minimum. Good size mirrors, appropriate lighting, floating vanities, keeping the wall cavity small by installing the Strataplate, washroom fittings that reduce clutter and behind mirror systems are all features to consider when designing a superloo.

Traditional wash station design with manual taps

Traditional wash station design

Behind mirror systems, like the Dolphin ALAVO, are still prominently featured in commercial washroom designs due to the hygiene benefits, integrated SMART washroom technology, sensor taps, touch free soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and keeping these hand washing essentials in one place, all behind the mirror.

But there is a swing towards a traditional wash station design with basin-mounted and wall-mounted taps, and architects have the freedom to choose the fittings they want in a special finish to compliment the washroom design.

A traditional commercial washroom is timeless. In the past few months, we have also seen a trend of switching back to gender specific washrooms (separate male and female washrooms) rather than gender neutral ones.

Trending end of Trip facility design

End of Trip facility design

End-of-trip or End of Journey facilities is almost expected in commercial buildings today. Commuters are cycling, running, and even skateboarding to work and take full advantage of showering and using changing facilities at the office to freshen up before they start their day or even freshening up before leaving the office for a night out.

Millennials are certainly driving this commercial washroom design trend, and architects are creating these areas drawing inspiration from the hospitality sector to provide the best of what EoT facilities offer.

Accessible commercial washroom design

Accessible washroom design

Architects are looking to smarten up and improve their ambulant and accessible washrooms taking extra measures to ensure the accessible washroom designs are compliant and the space feels welcoming and safe. Access Consultants are often commissioned for a project to ensure disability access obligations are met, and there is a more careful selection process of choosing a washroom company that supplies compliant, sustainable, and prestige accessible products and Doc M packs.

View the Dolphin Doc M pack range for a complete and compliant accessible washroom solution.

Washroom Interior design

Trending ambient backlit washroom mirror

Washroom lighting

Room lighting is a given in any design, but the top commercial washroom design trend is the addition of behind mirror washroom lighting.

Backlit mirrors create a calm ambience, particularly those with colour changing mood lights to suit the type of washroom. We have seen that warm commercial washroom LED lighting is a design feature slowly creeping into backlit mirrors which also creates a layer of depth by making the mirror stand out from the wall.

Warm eathy tone design for a commercial washroom

Commercial washroom earthy tones

Warm tones (or earthy tones) in different shades of the natural elements provide a sense of a restful and peaceful environment – a place we all want to escape to. The soothing impact of water and the relaxing effect of bringing the outside world in with earth colours creates a positive psychological impact on the wellbeing of the user experience.

There is something special about the natural environment where designers are inspired to bring warm colours in a commercial washroom, such as different shades of brown and other warm earth tones.

Gold ceramic finished commercial washroom products

Washroom product finishes and colours

Product finishes such as PPC coating and PVD coating are always popular choices for designers who want to accentuate their washroom products. However, there is a commercial washroom design trend swinging towards ceramic coating due to its versatility properties and the opportunity to coat a wide variety of washroom products in this low-maintenance product finishing.

Stainless steel secures its spot as a top finish because it is an environmentally friendly and safe raw material – it is back to bare basics and suits all types of commercial washroom designs.

In terms of colours, the most popular are black, antique bronze, bronze, brass, and gold, but bronze is the biggest, especially against the warm tones that are in line with the natural environment.

Commercial washroom tiling on floor and walls

Commercial washroom tiling

There is a movement towards experimenting with different styles and textures in commercial washroom tiling on the floor, wall and splashback but keeping within the same tone of the natural elements.

Large tiles in commercial washrooms on the floor and wall create a sense of space, and stone effect tiling creates a natural earth atmosphere that contrasts perfectly with black finishes on taps and various other washroom products.

Rustic industrial style commercial washroom with exposed pipes and ducts

Industrial style washrooms

Although the commercial washroom design trend is leaning more towards the natural environment, architects who prefer a more rustic look are opting to expose pipes, ducts, and wiring, particularly in the ceiling for a more industrial style washroom.

Ambient lit and earth toned commercial washroom design

What does your washroom design look like in 2023?

Companies are driving the move for employees to come back to the office. Amongst the many incentives offered, one of the most important is making the transition from remote working back to office life a seamless and pleasurable experience. Creating a design that has a home away from home feel and meets the needs of people’s wellbeing and feeling happy in their workplace is sure to promote the drive and ignite the excitement of returning to the office.

A quick wrap up of the top commercial washroom design trends and what you can start planning for are:

  • A decluttered hospitality look in end of journey facility designs.
  • Private sanitary spaces such as a superloo design to create a home away from home feel.
  • A soothing and relaxing environment by introducing warm earthy tones drawing inspiration from the natural environment creates a tranquil and positive space.
  • Creating a sense of space in small washroom designs.
  • Adding that extra special detail to washroom products with a stainless steel or ceramic bronze finish.
  • Smartening up the design in a Doc M toilet layout.

No matter what you envision for your commercial washroom design, you can be sure there are ample washroom solutions to achieve your vision with the expertise of washroom specialists. They will guide you on the best washroom practices, help you choose compliant commercial washroom products that suit your design and update you on all the latest trends entering the market.

Read our prediction on the commercial washroom product trends in 2023 and discover more about the swing from manual to touch free solutions, trending fixtures and fittings, and the move towards water and energy saving washroom products.

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