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Launched on September 26 2023, our new showroom in Central London marks an exhilarating and pivotal milestone for Dolphin, bearing testament to our commitment to listening to our clients’ washroom desires and needs.

Our goal for the Dolphin Solutions Showroom project was to provide a seamless and extraordinary real-life washroom experience, one that awakens all the senses and transforms commercial washroom design vision into reality.

We are excited to take you on a journey through our very own washroom project, sharing every aspect of this unique experience. Let us reveal the finest commercial washroom experience that awaits you when you visit us.

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Watchmaker Court, the front of Dolphin showroom

Showroom project brief

We wanted the Dolphin Solutions showroom to reflect our brand and match the look and feel of our head office in Robertsbridge. Our main goal was to display as many washroom products as possible within the available space and ensure they were fully functional.

This way, our clients could try out our taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and the Alavo mirror system and feel the different finishes in person while also seeing the variety of available colours.

We aimed to create a space where architects and designers could enjoy our washroom workshops and collaborative events with our washroom consultants, allowing them to see how our Dolphin range could meet their specific needs in a comfortable environment.

Various commercial washroom products wall displayed in Dolphin showroom

Showroom project challenge

The primary task at hand was arranging almost 200 washroom products in the Dolphin Solutions showroom, given the space we had available. Another aspect we had to think about was we had to ensure the showroom had a smooth and appealing flow, making it accessible and easy to navigate for walkabouts.

Finally, managing the budget while considering the various creative ideas on the table was another aspect we needed to address.

Balancing the desire for innovative design with the need to control costs was no small task, but from our perspective, these weren’t exactly challenges but rather moments of contemplation, where we asked ourselves, “How do we make this work?”

Different types of working touch free taps inlined in a showroom

The Dolphin Solution

The planning phase went through multiple design iterations, with each round of revisions aimed at striking a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and staying within the budget.

We had to carefully evaluate the placement of each washroom product, ensuring that it was easily accessible and that the overall layout allowed for smooth navigation. Each design iteration brought us closer to achieving this delicate balance.

While design revisions were essential to realising our vision, we remained committed to staying within budget by harmonising our design objectives through meticulous planning, strategic choices, and resource allocation.

What you can expect to find in the Dolphin showroom

Fully functional Doc M pack layout with black fittings

Fully functional washrooms

In the Dolphin Solutions showroom, you will discover fully functional washroom setups, such as a Superloo and Doc M pack layout, complete with a range of fittings. These hands on, operational displays not only allow you to test them out but also serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging you to explore and generate innovative washroom ideas.

Alavo showcased in London

Alavo behind mirror system

We take great pride in showcasing our Alavo Behind Mirror System, which is fully operational. This means you can experience these cutting-edge systems in action and gain a firsthand understanding of their functionality and efficiency.

With every component of the Alavo system operational, from the taps and soap dispensers to the accessory displays, you can interact with the technology and appreciate how it can enhance your washroom design.

A wall of paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, waste bins, and other washroom products displayed in showroom

A variety of washroom products

In the Dolphin Solutions showroom, you will find on display a striking array of 24 sets of fully operational sensor taps and touch free soap dispensers, complemented by an extensive collection of washroom accessories.

These washroom accessories include robe hooks, toilet brush holders, combination units, shower sets, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, toilet roll holders, and much more.

Our comprehensive display ensures that you can explore and evaluate a wide spectrum of options, providing inspiration and practical solutions for your washroom needs.

Our new SMART Inform Soap Dispenser, engineered to be drip free, will also be installed soon!


Finishes and special coatings

The washroom products elegantly displayed around the Dolphin showroom showcase a diverse range of finishes and special coatings. These finishes include classic stainless steel, polyester powder coat, ceramic, and physical vapour deposition, offering an extensive palette to choose from for your specific washroom design needs.

Working Alavo superloo equipped with SMART washroom technology

SMART washroom technology

Our Alavo system is SMART ready, and we are working on connecting the SMART taps, SMART soap dispensers, and SMART flush plates in the showroom to the Dolphin SMART Cloud. The Alavo mirror systems in the showroom toilets will also be connected to the software.

Once this is set up, it will allow us to show how SMART technology works in washroom products, demonstrating how it can help save energy and water.

This is a valuable addition to any washroom project aiming to reduce consumption and for designers to make more sustainable choices.

Box of Hi-Macs solid surface samples

Solid surface wash troughs

All our displays and wash troughs are crafted from Hi-Macs, a material that visitors will also notice extends seamlessly along the walls, in line with our design concept. This cohesive use of Hi-Macs showcases its versatility and durability, serving both as functional elements and integral components of the Dolphin Solutions showroom design vision.

Wall-hung WC pan and special finished flush plate displayed in Dolphin showroom

WCs and flush plates

The WCs and flush plates included in the Doc M pack and Superloo fit outs are in full working order. This means clients can test the flushing mechanism’s performance and observe the flush volume of the WCs.

Dolphin washroom expert using the wireless phone charger integrated in showroom conference table

Modern commercial design

With the exposed pipework in the ceiling, a harmonious blend of Dolphin brand colours, lush greenery, and vibrant washroom products on display, we have crafted a commercial showroom that combines an industrial feel with a modern and elegant atmosphere.

We have thoughtfully designed the Dolphin Solutions showroom to ensure it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also spacious and comfortable for movement and seating. As our guests explore our showroom, they will find that it flows seamlessly, making it effortless to navigate.

Staying on the cutting edge of commercial design, we have integrated wireless phone chargers into the Hi-Macs conference table, furnished with state-of-the-art office technology.

For private conversations or focused work on laptops, we have included a soundproof booth.

Our facilities also feature video conferencing capabilities and a large flat screen for displaying architects’ designs.

The kitchen, crafted from Hi-Macs solid surfaces in the colour Arora Frost, houses a Quooker tap and premium coffee making facilities, so our clients can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee around the table.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, Gail’s Bakery is just around the corner, offering an array of delectable treats for our washroom workshops.

Row of sensor taps and touch free soap dispensers installed in Dolphin Solutions' London showroom

Showcasing sustainability

We have made sustainable choices to support our commitment to environmental responsibility in the Dolphin Solutions showroom. For instance, we installed our sensor taps and foam soap cartridge refill system to reduce water consumption and touch free soap dispensers to reduce energy usage.

The Alavo system incorporates LED lighting, which also helps conserve energy, and the lighting in our toilets has motion sensors which automatically turn the lights on and off based on the presence or absence of anyone in the washroom, enhancing both convenience and energy efficiency.

In our effort to create a more pleasant atmosphere, we have added greenery with plants, and what’s more, our showroom is strategically located in the heart of the area where architects and designer firms are clustered. This not only saves them from travelling to visit our showroom but also contributes to lower carbon emissions.

You might even spot our washroom consultants zipping off to their meetings with infectious enthusiasm, riding bicycles from the showroom!

Showroom project result

Showroom project result

We are delighted to report that the brief was not only met but we also managed to stay aligned with our budget. Expectations have been exceeded, leaving our shareholders at Dolphin absolutely thrilled with our new showroom and the outstanding results, which have also garnered praise from the entire Dolphin team and our clients who have visited.

The feedback from our clients who have visited the new Dolphin Solutions showroom has been overwhelmingly positive. They have found it immensely helpful to see, touch, and fully understand how everything functions, further solidifying our commitment to providing a valuable and practical showcase.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via our contact page. Or to learn more about our washroom design click here to visit our Learning Centre.


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