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We are thrilled to reveal our latest washroom innovation, the Dolphin InForm Soap Dispensers!

The sleek and modern soap dispensers are set to redefine the way we think about washroom design, offering a space saving solution, eliminating the need for access panels, incorporating SMART washroom technology, delivering soap within a mere second, and engineered to be drip free.

We have meticulously designed and incorporated specialised components within the new Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser body to achieve this seamless integration and our engineers have spent countless hours perfecting every detail to ensure a flawless user experience.

Discover how the new Dolphin InForm Soap Dispensers will enhance the value of your commercial washroom.

Why did we invent the SMART Soap Dispenser

Our goal was to develop touch free liquid soap dispensers and touch free foaming soap dispensers that deliver soap seamlessly and promptly, all while offering architects and contractors enhanced flexibility in design and installation. Our groundbreaking innovation optimises space utilisation and ensures the ultimate user experience.

Now available with our Strataplate wall plate kit, the panel mounted Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser effectively eliminates the need for installing an access panel. This revolutionary solution not only saves valuable space within the wall cavity but also ensures a seamless and hassle free experience in all aspects of commercial washroom design.

SMART Soap Dispenser range

The new Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser range offers the following styles:

  • Three panel mounted soap dispenser designs in two mounting options
  • Four surface mounted soap dispenser designs
  • Behind mirror soap dispensers that are paired with the Dolphin ALAVO Behind Mirror System.
Panel mounted InForm soap dispenser saving space

Eliminates access panels and saves space with the Strataplate

The panel mounted Dolphin InForm Soap Dispensers, in combination with the Strataplate wall plate kit, ingeniously bypass the need to create provision for access panels, enabling the pump housing and soap reservoirs to be conveniently located where there is already a services void.

The Strataplate significantly reduces the space behind the panel mounted soap dispensers, effectively minimising the depth of the wall cavity. This compact and space saving solution is particularly advantageous in Superloo layouts and accessible washrooms, providing a more efficient and streamlined design.

When paired with Dolphin’s offset adaptor, it further contributes to a significant reduction in the depth required for the soap feed and power supply.

Imagine the possibilities as you unlock valuable space to truly maximise your washroom design with this pioneering solution, freeing you from space constraints while preserving the pristine beauty of your washroom.

Smart soap dispenser equipped with a 1500mm flexible conduit

1500mm Flexible Conduit

The Strataplate Dolphin InForm Soap Dispensers are equipped with a 1500mm flexible conduit that effectively routes the power cable and soap feed to a discreet location while ensuring their seamless functionality. The specific location serves as the housing for the soap pump, power supply, and soap reservoir, strategically positioned at a distance from the washstation.

This arrangement allows for enhanced flexibility and convenience in any washroom design.

Drip free Dolphin counter mounted InForm Soap Dispenser in copper finish

Engineered to be Drip Free

Liquid Soap

The performance of some commercial soap dispensers on the market is often sluggish and slow, lacking a clean stoppage. This results in a lingering amount of soap continuing to dispense even after removing your hand.

With the improved Dolphin InForm soap dispenser design, you can now experience a rapid stoppage, ensuring the soap flow ends promptly after each use.

We have incorporated a stronger pump that exhibits a slight reverse action after dispensing, ensuring a clean and precise delivery. This feature provides a controlled release of liquid soap, ensuring an efficient and effective user experience.

Foaming Soap

Some foam soap dispensers continue to dispense soap even after the delivery has stopped, resulting in an unsightly “tail-like” stream that could extend 3 or 4 inches from the spout. This persistent stream would linger, eventually detaching and causing an untidy mess on the vanity surface or washbasin.

The Dolphin InForm foam soap dispensers are equipped with a pressure release mechanism that halts the soap flow immediately after use. This innovative internal mechanism enables precise control over the foam soap release, ensuring a prompt and clean cut stoppage without any residual foam trail left behind.

Black soap dispenser that uses SMART washroom technology

SMART technology benefits

Each Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser has a control that enables facilities teams to adjust the settings to regulate the pump speed and control the soap quantity.

With the Dolphin SMART app, facilities teams can also connect to the soap dispenser using a mobile phone to adjust the speed, offering further customisation of controlling the delivery time.

The option to adjust the speed within the SMART washroom system streamlines processes for facilities teams and enhances the user experience by enabling a quicker soap delivery time, resulting in a more efficient and satisfying handwashing experience.

Antique finished InForm Soap Dispenser developed with efficient soap delivery system

Better soap delivery

Our aim for the Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser was to develop a quick and efficient soap delivery system that dispenses the optimal quantity of soap within a mere second.

To ensure optimal performance, we have dedicated careful attention to fine tuning the reverse action and pressure release mechanisms. This accurate calibration supports a swift delivery time, seamlessly accommodating the distance the soap needs to travel within the flexible conduit.

The soap delivery time can be effortlessly adjusted, allowing for a reduction from 1.25 seconds, for instance, to an impressive 1 second or even an astonishing 0.75 of a second.
Such unprecedented flexibility in soap delivery time is truly exceptional, especially considering the size of the tube length involved.

By accomplishing this objective, users can quickly maneuver through bustling washrooms, significantly enhancing convenience and overall user satisfaction.

Matching InForm soap dispenser and tap in gold special finished and coating

Matching styles and special coatings

The Dolphin InForm Soap Dispensers perfectly complement our SMART InForm Tap range, ensuring a harmonious match. The finishes available for the soap dispensers mirror those of our InForm SMART taps, providing a seamless and precise aesthetic.

This means you can achieve a uniform and cohesive look by precisely matching the style and finishes of both the taps and soap dispensers.

The Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser offers versatile sensor placement options, allowing you to select a tap and soap dispenser combination with perfectly aligned sensor placement, creating an identical and seamless appearance.

Finishes and special coatings available:

  • Polyester Powder Coat
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Physical Vapour Deposition
SMART soap dispenser and tap with flexible power supply options

Power supply

We offer hardwired and plug in power supply options to cater to your specific needs and preferences, providing you with flexibility and ensuring compatibility with various electrical setups.

Easy installation for SMART Soap Dispenser

What are the key advantages of the SMART Soap Dispenser?

Easier installation with the Bullet System

During the installation process of the panel mounted or surface mounted InForm Soap Dispenser, the soap feed and power supply are effortlessly threaded through the soap dispenser body, cylinder, and conduit using our proprietary Bullet System.

Our remarkable Bullet System, currently patent pending, is an extraordinary innovation meticulously crafted by our team exclusively for the InForm Soap Dispenser. This cutting edge system allows seamless threading of the soap feed and power supply through the narrow 1500mm conduit, effortlessly reaching the soap pump housing, soap reservoir, and power supply.

With this ingenious design, installing and powering your soap dispenser has never been more convenient. The entire installation process can now be completed in a matter of minutes, making it the most efficient and hassle free solution available for soap dispenser setups.


Minimises risk of damage

The panel mounted range, in combination with the Strataplate, offers a unique advantage in that it can be installed towards the washroom project’s completion.

Once the Strataplate system has been installed, the soap dispenser body can be slotted over the wall plate cylinder at a later stage and secured in place with a grub screw.

This means you no longer have to install the soap dispensers during ongoing construction work, eliminating the need to devise a plan for their protection and avoiding potential project delays.

Not only does this ensure the exquisite special coatings of your soap dispensers remain intact and secure throughout the duration of the construction phase until their delivery, but the wall plate kit also eliminates the unsightly rotation of the dispenser and stress on the wall finish.


Watch the effortless installation process of a panel mounted Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser with the Dolphin wall plate kit. This same concept of threading the soap feed and power supply extends to our Strataplate panel mounted sensor taps as well.

Wall Plate Kit animated installation

Maintenance and cleaning

The panel mounted Soap Dispensers eliminate the need for removing any tiling, splashback or going through an access panel when conducting maintenance, as the working parts are conveniently located inside the soap dispenser body.

The InForm Soap Dispensers’ ingenious design facilitates effortless servicing, repair, or full replacement directly from the dispenser itself, ensuring utmost convenience and ease of maintenance.

To perform any services on the soap dispenser, simply unscrew the grub screw and remove the soap dispenser body with ease.


User experience

From a user’s perspective, the Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser provides a swift and efficient experience, ensuring a seamless and effortless hand washing routine, particularly in bustling locations such as airports, shopping centres, and train stations.

With a quick deposit of perfectly proportioned soap drops, users can now commence their handwashing experience in less than a second, eliminating any unnecessary waiting time.

Polyester Powder Coated Inform SMART touch free soap dispenser and tap

Redefining the washroom experience, one innovation at a time

The Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser range represents a groundbreaking advancement in washroom design. With its innovative features and meticulous attention to detail, this soap dispenser range offers a seamless integration that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Our patent application has been filed, solidifying the innovative nature of the Dolphin InForm Soap Dispenser and paving the way for its unique features to revolutionise the washroom industry.

Elevate your washroom with customised soap dispenser solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetics and sophistication of your washroom design.