Commercial washroom accessories

Providing the complete washroom solution, Dolphin Solutions offers a wide range of commercial washroom accessories including shelves, hooks and door stops, washroom signage, commercial toilet brush sets, basin click-clacks, facial dispensers, sanitary bags, and towel rails in various colours and finishes.

Whether your project is for an office washroom, hospitality establishment, or public facility, Dolphin’s commercial washroom accessories provide the finishing touches that make every washroom truly complete.

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Endless design possibilities

Dolphin accessories offer more than just practicality; they provide a canvas for creativity in any washroom design, transforming your space into one that is both functional and captivating.

Discover a range of washroom toilet accessories, commercial door accessories, waste traps, and Dolphin shelf options in glass and stainless steel, and unleash your imagination with click-clacks tailored to various wash trough configurations and commercial washbasins.

Explore our washroom product finishes and special coatings for durability and style. Commercial washroom accessories can be available in a Ceramic coating, PPC, PVD, brushed satin stainless steel, and mirror polished stainless steel.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Dolphin commercial washroom products not only enhance functionality but also ensure easy accessibility for all users.

With our Approved Document M range, including essential washroom products, rest assured your accessible washrooms comply with UK Building Regulations.

Meet WELL v2 Standards effortlessly with our storage support like hooks and shelves in each toilet stall, along with basin click clack waste fittings, all aimed at accommodating diverse needs and enhancing hygiene standards.

We can help you put together a tailored washroom accessories list, guaranteeing that you have everything you need.

Explore Dolphin accessories

Discover a comprehensive selection of office washroom accessories tailored for commercial spaces, as well as washroom equipment suitable for hospitality, retail, transport, and education facilities within our range.

Whether it’s ensuring compliance with building regulations or meeting WELL Standards with storage support, transform your washroom into a haven of hygiene, accessibility, and style, setting a new standard in washroom design excellence with our commercial washroom accessories.

View a wider range of commercial washroom supplies, including consumables and spares such as stainless steel cleaning sets, Dolphin paper towels, soap refill cartridges, battery packs, replacement parts, and some of the best washroom accessories available on the market.

Contact a washroom specialist today to learn more about Dolphin’s commercial washroom accessories and unlock a world of possibilities for elevating your washroom design experience.

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