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Are you eager to discover the advantages of soap cartridge refills and understand why this system has rapidly become the preferred commercial soap solution for modern commercial washrooms?

As a leading supplier of soap cartridge systems with a proven track record of delivering this solution across hundreds of washroom projects, we are in a position to share the many advantages associated with soap cartridge refills.

Explore the top 12 benefits of a cartridge soap system and learn why our clients consistently choose this innovative, sustainable, and secure solution for their washroom projects.

1. Compliance with WELL Standards

Soap cartridge refills are fully compliant with WELL Standards, ensuring a high level of hygiene and sanitation.

The WELL Building Standards, under the Hygiene Support Feature, specifically state the following:

“For all sinks where handwashing is expected (e.g., bathrooms, break rooms, food prep and wellness rooms), the following are present within the room:
a. Fragrance-free liquid hand soap dispensed through one of the following:
1. Sealed dispensers equipped with disposable soap cartridges.”

Behind mirror system using multifeed soap cartridge refill installed under the counter

2. SMART Washroom Technology

SMART washroom systems can monitor the usage of soap cartridge refills and alert maintenance staff when it is time to replace them. This prevents soap shortages and ensures that soap is always available to users ensuring a high level of hygiene and contributing to overall satisfaction.

While soap cartridge refills may not fall under the category of SMART washroom products, there exists a promising opportunity for their seamless integration into a SMART system.

3. Sealed Soap System

As it is completely sealed, soap cartridge refills make it nearly impossible for debris to contaminate the soap, thereby enhancing overall hygiene and providing protection against bacteria.

The strong, airtight seal acts like a protective wall, keeping the foaming soap safe from outside dirt and germs, making sure bacteria cannot get in.

4. No Soap Refill Required

Soap cartridges are not refillable; they can only be replaced with a new cartridge to replenish soap. This eliminates exposure to airborne particles and reduces the potential for soap contamination during replenishment.

Soap cartridge refill seen behind a mirror commercial washroom system

5. Effortless Maintenance

The soap feed from the cartridge does not require flushing out the soap supply pipe, cleaning or priming before being replenished with a new soap cartridge, further reducing the chances of soap contamination during maintenance and topping up.

Unlike refillable soap bottles and reservoirs which require cleaning before topping up, soap cartridge refills eliminate the need for facilities teams to clean the soap feed manually to keep bacteria out.

6. Recyclable Components

Soap cartridge refills consist of recyclable plastic and cardboard, contributing to sustainability efforts. Therefore, when the cartridge is empty, it can be promptly disposed of for recycling.

7. Less Waste and Prolonged Use

Using foam soap cartridges results in less soap product being wasted down the drain with each use compared to liquid soap. This means you do not need to order soap cartridge refills as frequently, since foam soap lasts longer.

Ultimately, this helps save both time and money, as it proves to be more efficient and cost-effective over time.

Running water from a SMART sensor tap

8. Water Conservation

Commercial foaming soap cartridges reduce water usage since less water is needed for rinsing, resulting in long term water conservation benefits.

Commercial foam soap in a cartridge system can help reduce water usage by as much as 15% because of its water based formula and lathering abilities before users have to wet their hands.

In contrast to using commercial liquid soap, using foam soap cartridge refills results in shorter handwashing time and less water usage during rinsing.

9. Light Weight

Handling and carrying a soap cartridge is easier due to its lighter weight compared to larger bulk fill soap containers designed for commercial or industrial use, which can be quite heavy, especially when they are full.

Replacing soap cartridge refills is a simple and efficient process that requires minimal effort, whether you are replacing them in a behind mirror system, within a vanity unit, or within a service duct.

10. Cartridge Litre Options

With a variety of manageable soap cartridge refill sizes to choose from, you have the flexibility to opt for smaller cartridges, such as a 2 litre refill pack, suited for an individual cartridge soap dispenser, as commonly found in a superloo layout or larger ones, like a 3.5 litre pack capable of servicing multiple dispensers from a single cartridge.

Photo of the multifeed soap cartridge system in Exchange House Building's washroom

11. Flexible cartridge placement

Soap cartridge refills offer remarkable installation flexibility in proximity to the washstation while ensuring reliable soap delivery. Discover a real-world example in our Exchange House Washroom Project case study, where the Dolphin DS800 multifeed soap cartridge system was successfully installed in unique and challenging circumstances.

12. Reduced Disruptions in Washroom Operations

The entire process, from unwrapping the cartridge package to completing the replenishment, can be accomplished in as little as 40 seconds. This reduces labour intensive tasks that might be associated with topping up a bulk fill reservoir, thereby minimising disruptions in washroom operations and increasing the efficiency of facilities teams.

Watch our video on how quick it is to change the Dolphin hand foam soap refill cartridges in the Alavo mirror system.

Elevating Hygiene, Efficiency, and Sustainability in Modern Washrooms

Soap cartridge refills combine the advantages of WELL compliance, SMART washroom technology, sustainability, efficiency, and ease of use. This all-inclusive solution not only elevates hygiene standards but also contributes to long term cost savings and environmental responsibility, making it the ideal choice for any public or commercial washroom.

If you would like to explore how cartridge dispensers can be integrated into your washroom design, don’t hesitate to contact one of our washroom consultants. They can provide you with a wealth of ideas on optimal cartridge system placement to help you maximise space efficiency in your washroom.