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Have you ever wondered about the significance of a wall plate kit for taps in commercial washrooms? Despite its seemingly subtle role, this component holds immense importance in ensuring the smooth functionality and durability of wall mounted taps.

Exploring the purpose of a wall plate kit in this context unveils its crucial role in preventing potential damages, facilitating easier maintenance, and safeguarding the integrity of the entire washroom infrastructure.

In this article, we will help you understand the purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps in superloos and public washroom layouts. We will also explain why installing this device is important to prevent installation mishaps and maintenance frustrations.

So, what is the purpose of a wall plate fixing kit for commercial taps?

A line of black taps and soap dispensers installed with a wall plate

1. To save installation and maintenance costs

One important purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps is cost savings during the construction phase and in the long term. By adopting this tap fixing kit, you can reduce labour and material costs significantly.

Here are some of the hidden cost savings:

  • The time it takes to install the tap fixing kit for wall mounted sensor taps is quicker than the traditional method. Electricians and Plumbers do not need to spend hours and hours on each washroom or superloo cubicle for installation and connection. Thus, labour costs are reduced.
  • A wall plate streamlines maintenance by eliminating the need for direct access to behind the tap. This results in significant reductions in both labour time and associated costs during servicing.
  • It also eliminates the need to remove and reinstall access panels surrounding the taps during servicing intervals, further minimising labour time, materials, and overall expenses.

Multiply these savings across multiple superloos and traditional washroom layouts, and the numbers start to add up substantially.

Wall plate mounted touch free tap and soap dispenser securely fixed with a wall plate

2. To make sure the tap is securely fixed

The next purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps is to eliminate any rotation or movement. Sliding the tap into place onto the tap mounting tail attached to the wall plate and securely fastening it using a small grub screw ensures that the tap is securely anchored in its position.

Typically, the conventional method to install a tap is by fixing a nut behind the wall to hold it in place. As time passes, the nut gradually loosens, requiring facilities teams to access the wall cavity through the tap’s access panel to retighten.

This process is time consuming, requires additional effort to remove and reseal the access panel, and leads to longer disruptions in the washroom caused by this maintenance procedure.

Disasters can also occur in a design where a tap is mounted onto a mirror or glass splashback, where tightening the nut places stress on the fragile surface. If the nut is overtightened to secure the tap, it could potentially lead to the glass or mirror cracking – something we have witnessed in some washroom projects. Especially with plasterboard, if the nut is fixed too tightly, the pressure essentially crushes it.

On the other hand, if it is under-tightened, the tap will not be securely held in place, and it might become loose and start wobbling around within a few weeks.

Superloo washroom using a wall plate mounted tap to save space

3. To save space in the washroom

Another purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps is to reduce the wall cavity to free up more room within the superloo or public washroom for additional fixtures or amenities, improving overall space utilisation.

This can be especially beneficial in commercial settings where maximising the number of available fixtures in the washroom can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

The cavity wall can be further minimised by incorporating an offset adaptor for wall mounted taps combined with the wall plate.

Special coated antique bronze sensor tap

4. To eliminate extensive and costly pipework

This type of tap fixing kit comes equipped with a 1.8 meter conduit that houses both the water and power supply. This eliminates the need for extensive and expensive pipework within the wall to connect to the main supply line.

The conduit’s flexibility and length are crucial for routing the water and power supply to a service duct or void situated away from the washstation or beneath the vanity, thereby eliminating the need for direct access to the back of the tap through an access panel.

Versatile tap installation in a commercial washroom

5. To provide versatile installation

The flexible conduit can be routed in any direction within the wall cavity, offering versatility in installation.

Whether the conduit needs to be installed horizontally or vertically, the purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps with flexible conduit is to easily accommodate any installation preferences.

Wall Plate Kit animated installation

6. To make tap installation easy

Easing the complexity of installation is another purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps.

The flexible conduit and tap mounting plate can be set up early in the project, simplifying the process. When the plumbing and electrical connections are ready, the water and power supply can be easily threaded through the flexible conduit using a Bullet System to connect to the main supply line.

Watch how easy it is to thread the water and power supply for this wall mounted sensor tap.

Unlocking the value of wall plate kits in commercial washrooms

The purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps and its advantages cannot be overstated when it comes to installing taps in commercial washrooms. This seemingly minor component plays a crucial role in ensuring cost savings, secure installation, space utilisation, surface protection, and ease of setup.

Considering the numerous benefits, including enhanced durability, a wall plate tap is a valuable addition to any commercial washroom project, providing long-term benefits that outweigh its initial investment. It is a reliable washroom solution that contributes to a more efficient and functional washroom.

After reading this blog, we hope you understand the purpose of a wall plate for commercial taps a little better. If you’ve decided to opt for this option for a superloo layout or public washroom, Dolphin Solutions is here to help you plan your washroom project and provide a demonstration of our Strataplate wall plate kit, specifically designed for touch free wall mounted taps and soap dispensers.