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If you are planning a self-contained, wheelchair-accessible shower room for individual use in a commercial development, you might be aware that there are specific Doc M shower regulations with dimensions to follow but you are unsure of what they are.

As a washroom company that supplies Doc M Shower packs and shower sets, we often get asked, “What are the dimensions of a Doc M shower?” This question leads to discussions about meeting regulations and the best ways to design an accessible shower room.

This article aims to provide the exact Doc M shower dimensions you are looking for, drawing from the UK part M Building Regulations and our practical experience gained from working with architects and contractors on their washroom projects.

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Rendered diagram of a Doc M shower room dimensions

Doc M shower room dimensions

The minimum size of a Doc M shower room is 2000mm wide x 2200mm deep.

Floor surfaces should be slip-resistant and as even as possible while allowing for a marginal slope to facilitate water drainage towards a floor drain positioned away from the circulation area.

The fall to floor drain should not be steeper than 1:50.

It is important to note that these Doc M shower dimensions do not include a radiator or similar heating device and concealed pipework boxing. Adjustments to the room size will be necessary to accommodate these items.

Rendered diagram for controls and shower head dimensions

Controls and shower head dimensions

Shower head

Doc M shower dimensions specify that the fixed overhead shower head must be positioned 500mm away from the back wall of the seat.

The regulations do not specifically outline the precise Doc M shower height for installing the fixed shower head, however, based on our experience, and depending on the design of the shower head, we recommend installing it between 1700mm to 2100mm above the finished floor level.

Adjustable and detachable shower head

The sliding rail height range given for the adjustable and detachable shower head must be between 1200mm to 1400mm.

Shower controls

The range for installing the shower controls is between 750mm and 1000mm above the finished floor level.

Tip-up seat dimensions

Tip-up seat dimensions

Doc M shower dimensions include the placement and measurements of the tip-up seat.

The Doc M shower seat should be mounted at a height of 480mm above the floor with a projection of 650mm. It should be installed 500mm from the wall when measured from the centre of the seat and 320mm from the drop-down grab rail.

Doc M shower grab rails dimensions diagram

Grab rails dimensions

The towel rail and grab rail next to the tip-up seat must measure 600mm and be installed 680mm from the finished floor level.

The drop down grab rails enclosing the shower area must be 800mm long and installed 680mm from the finished floor level.

The vertical grab rail must have a minimum size of 500mm and be installed at a distance of 800mm from the finished floor level, placed adjacent to the shower controls and detachable shower head.

A horizontal grab rail should also be fitted on the interior face of the door.

Alarm pull cord, reset control, and clothes hooks dimensions for Doc M showers

Alarm pull cord, reset control, and clothes hooks dimensions

Alarm pull cord

The alarm pull cord, positioned between the vertical grab rail and the shower controls, must have two red 50 mm diameter bangles: one set at 100mm and the other between 800mm and 1000mm above the floor, just in front of the tip-up seat.

Reset control

Doc M shower dimensions only outline that a reset control must be reachable from a wheelchair and the shower tip-up seat. However, British Standards BS8300-2:2018 states the bottom edge of the reset control should be between 800mm to 1000mm above the finished floor level.

Clothes hooks

There must be two clothes hooks, one at 1050mm and the other at 1400mm above the floor. This illustration provides an example of where the clothes hooks can be placed.

Doc M mirror dimensions

Doc M mirror dimensions

The bottom edge of the Doc M mirror should be situated 600mm above the finished floor level. Furthermore, the mirror should be 1000mm minimum.

Doc M shower curtain and curtain rail dimensions

Doc M shower curtain and curtain rail dimensions

Shower curtain dimensions

The appropriate length of the shower curtain to the finished floor level should prioritise user comfort, convenience, and dignity while also considering water splashing out of the showering area.

Based on our experience, the standard measurement for the shower curtain is 1830mm x 1830mm, while ensuring an unobstructed gap between the finished floor level and the bottom of the curtain.

Corner shower curtain rail

For the corner shower rail, the dimensions are 1200mm x 1200mm.

Typically, the shower curtain rail is installed at the height of a standard doorway. In the UK, the average door height falls between 1981mm and around 2050mm.

We suggest an installation height of 2050mm for the shower curtain rail. This provides sufficient space for the 1830mm curtain with hooks and ensures a clearance between the bottom of the curtain and the finished floor level. However, the optimal height can be adjusted to suit your specific installation of the corner shower curtain rail.

Wheelchair turning space layout drawing and parts

Wheelchair turning space and changing tip-up seat

Wheelchair turning space

The wheelchair turning space allows a person using a wheelchair to turn around or change direction comfortably and safely without encountering obstacles or difficulties.

The Doc M shower dimensions specify a wheelchair turning space of 1500mm x 1500mm.

Changing tip-up seat

According to Doc M shower dimensions and BS8300-2:2018, there is mention of incorporating two tip-up seats—one designated for the wet area and the other for the dry area.

Approved Document M specifies this as an optional feature, primarily aimed at helping ambulant disabled users during the drying process. However, we strongly recommend the inclusion of a “dry” tip-up seat to provide added convenience for wheelchair users, considering it as a best practice approach.

Compliant Doc M shower room with dark green and black special finish on washroom fittings

Ensuring compliance and safety with Doc M shower rooms

One of the most crucial aspects of designing an accessible shower is accurately determining the Doc M shower dimensions. This not only guarantees compliance with UK accessibility regulations but also ensures a safe environment, positively impacting the user experience.

If you are planning a wheelchair-accessible shower room, our washroom consultants can help you with the correct Doc M shower dimensions to ensure compliance, safety, and easy accessibility for all users.

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