Sustainable Washroom Solutions

The all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments

Exchange House Case Study
Exchange House, London

The all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments

155 Bishopsgate Case Study
155 Bishopsgate, London

The all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments

Dolphin Superloo Set - Alavo - Black Finish

The all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments

Shower cubicles on end-of-trip facilities

The all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments

If you are a developer, architect, or contractor striving to design a sustainable, innovative, and compliant commercial washroom, then you have come to the right washroom company to start your project journey.


Are you experiencing one of these challenges?

Tailored washroom solutions icon Tailored washroom solutions
You cannot find tailored washroom solutions that cater to your specific needs, preferences, and budget.
Tailored washroom solutions icon Sourcing sustainable washroom products
You are spending considerable time finding sustainable options for your washroom, but you might not be aware of all the available choices and additional measures you can take to make your washroom more sustainable.
Washroom Certification icon Achieving BREEAM, NABERS UK, or WELL
You need help to achieve the required flow rates and flush volumes and choosing water and energy efficient washroom products.
Washroom product choice icon Washroom product choice
Durability, accessibility, maintenance, limited space, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability are your main concerns when choosing washroom products.


Unlock Solutions: How Dolphin can help you

Dolphin Commercial Washroom ProjectMeeting with a Washroom ConsultantDolphin Alavo at Melbourne T3 Airport

Whether you are looking for sustainable washroom products, design ideas, complete washroom packages, or guidance on British Standards and washroom regulations, Dolphin Solutions will support you throughout your project journey and equip you with valuable information essential to bringing your vision to life.


From Idea to Reality: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Alavo Behind Mirror System and earth-tones for commercial washroom

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Alavo Behind Mirror System Online Configuration shown in laptop screens

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