Excel Range and Hand Sanitising Products

Our Excel Range of commercial hand sanitiser dispensers are perfect for any commercial washroom or public toilet. From our small wall mounted units to larger free-standing dispensing stations we have your commercial needs covered. With the use of sanister likely to be the norm for months if not years to come and a basic requirement of most workplaces we are able to supply high quality solutions for shared washrooms.

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There is no doubt hand sanitiser is here to stay. It will certainly be required in all commercial and public washrooms for the remaining months or years of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is highly likely that even when the current pandemic is over many of the measures put in place will remain in effect in case any other issues arise. This means having the right commercial hand sanitiser dispensers in place in our washroom or washrooms is critical. Our range of high-quality dispensers are designed to work well, look good and be able to handle the level of use we expect to see in a public or commercial toilet, washroom or any other location.

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

In many washrooms the best place to put any kind of dispenser including soap and sanitiser is on the wall. This allows more room for the flow of people without getting in the way. We have wall mounted sanitiser stations, as well as cartridge wall mounted dispensers for soap, lotion and hand sanitiser.

Free Standing Dispensers

We have a range of free standing and floor standing commercial dispensers. These floor standing options look great and can be moved around a washroom area to suit the needs of the space. In some locations there may be a need to move sanitiser stations depending on the volume of people expected or as restrictions are changed.

Sanitiser and Soap range

As well as dispensers we also have a wide range of commercial dispenser products including cartridges, signs and more.

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