Commercial washroom provided for Exchange House

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Dedicated to creating the finest commercial washroom experience, we have the utmost confidence that you will achieve your vision with our world-class service and innovative product range. Collaborating with our team of engineers and specialists, our clients benefit from developing a close relationship with an experienced washroom supplier trusted in the industry to meet project objectives from design to delivery and beyond.

Over 23 years of providing bespoke commercial washroom products and services have equipped the Dolphin pod with invaluable experience to deliver the vision for each unique project with our global presence.

We work closely with Architects, Contractors, and Developers, assisting them in making the best-informed decision about their washroom product choices and partnering with them from commencement through to our guaranteed aftersales service. Our team dives further into your project by providing recommendations to optimise design plans with constant collaboration addressing challenges and developing solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of a commercial washroom. We recognise that designing around floor space is a common dilemma thus, our many years of experience become an invaluable asset readily available at your service to solve this obstacle.

Our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that meet your design requirements and help you achieve your sustainability goals, ensuring you are compliant with all the latest washroom regulations.

What can Dolphin Solutions do for you?

Partnering with Dolphin gives you access to:

  • Beautifully designed washroom products
  • Wide variety of special finishes and coatings
  • Customised washroom solutions
  • Innovative SMART washroom technology
  • Consultancy during the project journey
  • Sustainable washroom products
  • Dedication to client service
  • Committed response time within 24 – 48 hours
  • Environmentally responsible supply chain process
  • Aftersales service support including warranties

As your strategic partner, Dolphin encompasses a complete washroom offering by analysing your design to maximise the washroom opportunities and providing unique solutions to achieve your sustainability goals, desired accreditations, and testing functionality after installation.

Product range

You gain a return on investment like no other with our beautifully designed washroom products, built for durability and quality. Choose from an array of sanitaryware in touch free and traditional options, stainless steel or plastic, and add that wow factor to your project with our special finishes.

Product Finishes and Special Coatings

Product Finishes and Special Coatings

Keeping up with the latest market trends, Dolphin offers a variety of special coatings and finishes such as Ceramic, Physical Vapour Deposition, and Polyester Powder Coat. The coating process is our speciality where the result produces beautifully finished and durable products to suit any project design.

View our product finishes, special coatings, textures, and colours available in the Dolphin range, receive samples or visit our showroom.

Our Ceramic colour range includes sophisticated shades from Carbon Black to Metallic Copper, ideal for today’s modern washroom. PVD is available in Antique Bronze, Black, Brass, Bronze, Rose Gold, Gold, and Copper, and PPC is available in the full range of RAL colours with different textures and gloss levels.


Dolphin demonstrates sustainable supply chain processes by manufacturing environmentally friendly washroom products, incorporating solar energy panels on our warehouse premises, and integrating SMART technology in all washroom areas. Our clients benefit from partnering with us as they have greater security over their energy sources and water usage by incorporating SMART sensor taps and high-speed low-energy efficient hand dryers.

The focus on going ‘green’ and improving initiatives around carbon emissions is developing rapidly around the world. Dolphin follows the cradle-to-cradle approach where products are manufactured with eco-friendly materials which are biodegradable or have the potential to be recycled. Our goal is to join the movement toward a circular economy which tackles the global challenge of climate change and pollution.

Dolphin Solutions your trusted strategic partner for commercial washrooms

Your trusted strategic partner

There is more than what meets the eye in designing your commercial washroom, and Dolphin strives to be your trusted advisor in all aspects of a project to achieve your vision. Our name draws on inspiration from the natural world to safeguard our planet and provide solutions to identify challenges and enhance opportunities.

We are here to work with you on the journey to achieve the prestige commercial washroom you desire. Contact our Dolphin specialists for a unique solution that is truly yours.


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