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BREEAM and NABERS UK have one common objective – transforming building designs, construction processes, and sustainable performance to protect our planet. Although the standards are rigorous, they are achievable, and architects, building owners, and contractors look to their suppliers to provide sustainable products and services to achieve their desired level of certification.

Analysis and

Designing a beautifully designed commercial washroom is only half the requirement in a building certification for sustainability. The other half is integrating SMART technology to monitor, demonstrate, improve and stay sustainable. A SMART washroom provides evidence and proves the water and energy efficiency to the building assessment bodies such as BREEAM and NABERS UK.

The core of our Dolphin pod looks for more sustainable solutions that save water, energy, time, space, and our planet and redefine washroom innovation, making your washroom the ultimate sustainable space in your building.

Smart washroom green building rating

How do you demonstrate a sustainable washroom?

The green building rating systems in each assessment method calculate the final score on a building’s environmental impact, water consumption, energy efficiency, wellbeing etc. The assessors compare the actual data against benchmarks and monitor these developments to ensure buildings stay within the standards after certification. BREEAM and NABERS UK rely on data and factual evidence to determine the ultimate score.

A SMART washroom can help you achieve the building certification you desire as it verifies and demonstrates the performance of your building by collecting and producing granular data that can be measured and analysed. The monitoring and usage adjustment functionality makes this one of the most innovative systems available on the market to improve your building certification.

SMART washroom benefits

SMART washrooms are a significant value add to commercial buildings due to the monitoring, reporting, and regulating capabilities. Your project is well underway to a NABERS UK market leading or BREEAM outstanding certification by joining the global movement towards the future of smart buildings and owning the reputation of transforming buildings into sustainable developments.

The ability to monitor and adjust the consumption settings, for example, in the water components, reduces the long-term operational cost savings in utility bills. Just regulating the minimum litres per minute can score extra certification credits in the washroom space.

The primary and most significant benefit of all is SMART technology ultimately helps with saving the environment and safeguarding our natural resources. Reducing water consumption also means less water is used in the heating process when a tap opens, thus saving energy.

Washroom components that impact a BREEAM and NABERS UK certification

These examples of sustainable commercial washroom products have many other elements that play a role in improving the score, such as the flow rate and flush volume, down to the type of handwashing soap you choose and how its properties affect washing duration and energy consumption.

By simply monitoring these components, SMART technology enables you to modify the usage of these fixtures for optimised efficiency.

Water componentsEnergy components
TapsTouch free taps
ToiletsAutomatic hand dryers
UrinalsTouch free soap dispensers
Showers (EoT areas)WC flush plates
Greywater/rainwaterHygiene flushes
Dolphin inform SMART system

Dolphin inform SMART system

The Dolphin inform SMART system collects and produces data on all the water and energy components in your washroom that connects to your BMS System or the Dolphin cloud.

An innovative system that is powered to monitor and report

  • Set and calculate flow rate and flush volume
  • Analyse real-time usage and history
  • Fault reporting (leaks/breakdowns)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive cleaning
  • Refill warnings (soap dispensers/paper towels)
Smart washroom adjust settings on the Dolphin cloud

Analyse and adjust settings on the Dolphin cloud

Make a SMART investment

The journey to achieve a BREEAM or NABERS UK accreditation does not end after receiving a certificate. Constantly monitoring and collecting evidence of the building’s performance shows room for improvement, and by bringing the assessors back to audit the performance, you position yourself to achieve a better rating.

SMART empowers developers to demonstrate their sustainability credentials with granular data and encourages changes in washroom processes and behaviours to optimise water and energy consumption.

Join our sustainability commitment to lead the way to net zero carbon and a healthier, safer future for humanity.

What you measure you can manage, and what you manage you can improve.

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