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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has reported that global warming is increasing by more than 0.2⁰C per decade due to human activities. The threat of rising temperatures and depletion of our natural resources has ignited a drive to reduce carbon emissions, reuse and recycle manufactured materials, and save water and energy.

As the washroom industry plays a significant role in manufacturing and supplying washroom products that consume water and energy, we must reduce our carbon emissions in every aspect of our operations and produce sustainable, eco-friendly washroom products.

In this article, we will explain which eco-friendly washroom products you should include in your design, why you should integrate SMART washroom technology, and what it means to be part of a circular economy.

Are sensor taps, automatic hand dryers, and paper towels sustainable?

Dolphin DS113 InForm Slimline eco-friendly Wall Tap

Commercial Sensor Taps

Touch free taps ensure more efficient use of water due to timeout features and built-in flow regulators. Sensor taps also save energy by keeping the water system at a constant temperature rather than using more electricity to heat the water upon each sensor activation when a user washes their hands.

Sensor taps are also renowned for saving up to 70% water compared to manual taps making them an ideal eco-friendly washroom product made from eco-friendly materials such as 316 Marine grade stainless steel.

View the Dolphin sensor tap range to see more sustainable credentials these products offer.

Dolphin BC2009 Velocity High Speed eco Hand Dryer With HEPA Filter

Low energy hand dryers

Eco-friendly washroom products include high speed, low energy hand dryers. These washroom products have a low power consumption with high speed functionality to reduce the drying time, thus saving energy.

Some eco hand dryers generate less heat and save energy by turning down the heating element which typically requires a lot of power to warm the air. High speed, low energy hand dryers, like the Dolphin hand dryers, are more energy efficient than traditional hand dryers and produce 60% less carbon emissions than paper towels.

Dolphin commercial paper towels

Commercial paper hand towels

Although paper towels are not sustainably made due to the manufacturing process and chemicals used, a positive is you can purchase organic paper towels that are typically made from recycled paper.

When paper towels lose the ability to be recycled due to the breakdown in cellulose fibres, they can sometimes be composted. Using paper towels does not require electricity, making this option less harmful to the environment.

A paper towel is not the most eco-friendly washroom product but if it is still your preferred hand drying option, read more about which commercial paper hand towel you should choose for your washroom.

SMART commercial washroom technology with touch-free sensor taps and Dolphin Alavo

Why integrate SMART washroom technology?

Sustainable washroom products with integrated SMART technology allow you to adjust and maintain sustainable performance by monitoring energy and water usage. With SMART washroom technology, you have full control to change the settings in sensor activated fixtures such as sensor taps, WC flush plates, and urinals.

Use the granular data to analyse activations, improve performance and demonstrate the sustainability of your washroom.

How does the circular economy work?

You may hear the term circular economy during conversations around sustainability. But what does a circular economy mean, and how does it relate to washroom products?

Manufacturing washroom products with environmentally friendly raw materials and biodegradable or recyclable properties are part of the circular economy concept. It’s about protecting the environment and creating and regenerating natural resources to return valuable nutrients to the earth.

Eco-friendly washroom product innovation is expanding to reduce waste and reuse materials to allow the environment to regenerate itself, creating a cradle-to-cradle circular economy that contributes to minimising the impact manufacturing has on the environment.

Sensor taps, automatic hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers are transforming into much more sustainable solutions whilst keeping optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal to remain suitable for commercial washrooms.

Eco-friendly washroom products - touch-free taps in gold finish and behind--the-mirror SMART system

Which sustainable products should you choose?

We can safely confirm that sensor taps with low flow rates and energy efficient hand dryers are the most sustainable washroom products for a public or commercial washroom. The next step you need to consider is the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy your washroom supplier is implementing and how they contribute to benefiting the environment and community.

Determining which eco-friendly washroom products must be in a washroom should not solely be based on the recyclable material and water/energy saving features. To achieve a circular economy, you must look at sustainability from a holistic view and find out how your washroom supplier is offsetting their carbon emissions, what their environmental impact is on designing, constructing, and transporting their goods, and if their products meet sustainable performance.

When you reach out to your washroom supplier, the first question you should ask is, “what is your sustainability commitment?”. Their answer will give details of their processes to produce sustainable washroom products and what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact. It will allow you to make a better-informed decision on the type of eco-friendly washroom product you should choose and which washroom supplier to commission for your project.

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