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Choosing washroom consumables like commercial paper hand towels for a washroom should be easy, but it is a common mistake to think that any paper towel can be placed into any paper towel dispenser. We know that the one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to everything in a washroom design, including the type of paper towels you choose.

To ensure you are buying the correct paper towels, you must consider the paper towel dimensions, the fold, the ply count, the absorbency properties, and if it will fit into the paper towel dispenser.

Dolphin supplies commercial paper hand towels and paper towel dispensers over and above our extensive range of washroom products. We have engineered our paper towel dispensers to accommodate the most popular size and folds of paper hand towels on the market, allowing our clients to have free choice in picking their paper towel supplier.

In this article, we will point out what to look for when choosing a suitable commercial paper hand towel and enlighten you about a creative solution should a paper towel size not fit your paper towel dispenser.

Types of paper towels

You may have heard the terms C fold, V fold, and Z fold paper towels thrown into the conversation when choosing the type of paper towel, but firstly what does this all mean and does it matter to make such a weighted decision on the fold?

Truth be told, the folds will determine the cost, user experience, and hygiene factors – so you need to consider the differences to make sure you choose the most suitable option.

C fold commercial paper hand towel illustration

C fold paper towels

A C fold paper towel has a simple crease on two sides that fold inwards. During the packaging stage, the towels are stacked one on top of the other but do not interlock.

This type of fold is cheaper and the most long-standing style commonly found in commercial washrooms. However, in terms of user experience, this may not be the most efficient option.

C fold paper towels have a reputation for unnecessary wastage due to the way they are folded and stacked because, generally, when a person grabs a C fold paper towel, they may end up pulling out more than they intended to, which results in overuse.

Another potential problem is that because the user is pressing their hands up against the stacked towels to grab one, the water residue from their hands absorbs onto the towels still in the dispenser. Not only is this unhygienic with the risk of cross-contamination, but it is off-putting for the next user who has to pull out a wet paper towel.

Multifold commercial paper towel

Multifold towel

Also known as interfold commercial paper hand towels, this category includes:

  • Z fold paper towels
  • M fold paper towels
  • V fold paper towels

Each category has a different type of fold or crease, but they all have one thing in common – multifold towels interlink and overlap one another throughout the stack. The ingenious concept provides a seamless method to pull out a clean, dry paper towel and, at the same time, present the next one ready for use.

Although slightly more expensive than a C fold, interfold commercial paper hand towels have the upper hand in hygienic advantages because there is no physical contact with the next dispensed towel – this means no cross-contamination of water or germs. Essentially, multifold towels give you a touch free paper towel dispenser.

Paper towel dimensions – One size does not fit all

There is no specific paper towel dimension that manufacturers must conform to, but paper towels are generally made to suit a popular standard size of a commercial paper towel dispenser. As a result, a wide variety of different shapes and sizes are floating about the marketplace making this a potential challenge to find the correct paper towel size to fit the dispenser.

There may be circumstances where you have already signed a contract with a paper towel supplier, or the towels have been purchased in bulk, and you only discover at the time of filling the dispensers that the paper towels do not fit.

If they are too small, you risk paper towels loosely falling out of the dispenser all over the vanity or floor, and if they are too big, they would have to be stuffed into the dispenser, and users may not be able to pull them out.

Some manufacturers produce commercial paper hand towels that only fit their particular paper towel dispensers, which may restrict the freedom to choose another paper towel supplier.

So, what do you do now?

There is something unique available on the market to install inside a paper towel dispenser to resolve this problem – a paper towel dispenser insert.

Commercial paper hand towel dispenser insert

This gadget narrows the space at the bottom of the dispenser to prevent small paper towels from falling out. Made of plastic, it allows the paper towels to slide through without resistance, making it easier for the user to pull out.

BC9289BM Behind Mirror/Surface Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser

Some projects, particularly public buildings such as airports, rail stations and shopping centres, specify deeper paper towel dispensers to load as many commercial paper hand towels as possible. However, the problem with this is the weight of all those paper towels pushing down on the last paper towel makes it difficult for a user to pull one out. Installing a paper towel dispenser insert can alleviate this friction with its smooth plastic composition, allowing the paper towels to slide through with ease.

Dolphin luxury paper towel an insert

Dolphin supplies luxury paper towels and the inserts that fit our range of commercial paper towel dispensers. We have added this product to our collection to give our clients the freedom to choose whichever paper towel supplier they prefer. We go beyond the specification by providing practical solutions that will not compromise the user experience.

Ply count

A prestige commercial washroom must give restroom users a positive experience down to the last detail of drying their hands. Users are generally happy with the quality of 1 ply or 2 ply, but ultimately, you want a paper towel with good absorbent properties.

The higher the ply count, the more absorbent and thicker the paper towel is – and it becomes softer. The most luxurious of all paper towel ply counts is 3 ply, but this is significantly pricier than 2 ply and may not be financially practical for a commercial washroom with many people using the facilities.

Are paper towels sustainable?

The production of commercial paper hand towels is not sustainable as it causes deforestation, pollution from the manufacturing facilities, and the use of water and energy to make them. However, efforts are underway to reduce the carbon footprint by recycling paper towels and purchasing recycled ones. This is far less harmful to the environment.

V fold best commercial paper hand towel

Which is the best commercial paper towel?

From experience with numerous projects that have specified commercial paper hand towels, we recommend a V fold with 2 ply luxury paper towels measuring 220mm (L) x 105mm (W).

The V fold is cost-effective with its ability to present the next paper towel once one has been pulled out, thus avoiding physical contact with the other towels and the dispenser. 2 ply provides the softness and water absorbent capabilities that suit the purpose of a paper towel in a prestige washroom. Choosing a hand towel that measures 220mm x 105mm is a compact size that dries hands efficiently without the need to pull more towels out from the dispenser.

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