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Architects are responsible to their clients for demonstrating due diligence and face the challenge of showing thoroughness and attention to detail when designing washrooms. One way to demonstrate due diligence is by carefully examining washroom products to ensure they align with the project’s overall objectives.

So, how do you identify what aspects to consider while sourcing the appropriate washroom products, and how do you exhibit the due diligence process?

As a washroom supplier and consultant, we have composed washroom guidelines to explore the intricacies of architectural due diligence in washroom design.

We have also provided a comprehensive checklist within the washroom guidelines to help architects ensure every key aspect of their washroom design is accounted for, considered, and aligned with client expectations and washroom regulations.

White and gold themed commercial washroom with sensor taps, SMART soap dispensers, and touch free recessed hand dryers

Washroom themes to consider

Architects have a lot to consider when designing washrooms. They need to comply with public toilet design standards such as BREEAM and SKA Ratings, which demonstrate the sustainability of their projects, while also aiming to meet other standards like WELL and NABERS UK to ensure that the washroom promotes user wellbeing and energy efficiency.

Architects possess the ability to craft washrooms that reflect their dedication to exceptional design and contribute positively to people’s lives. Therefore, when embarking on a washroom design, it is essential to consider the details for some of the following themes.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when designing different washroom themes as you review our commercial washroom guidelines:

Comply with washroom regulations and British StandardsFor example, Document Part M, BS 8300-2:2018, BS 6465‑2:2017, BS EN 14055:2018, The Equality Act 2010,The Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, etc.
Traditional washroom or SuperlooAs per the recent UK Government's new building requirements, are you incorporating single sex toilets (traditional washroom) and/or universal toilets (superloos)?
Green Building CertificationsWhat standards do you need to comply with? E.g. BREEAM, SKA, LEED, WELL v2, NABERS UK, etc.?
SMART Washroom TechnologyWill you incorporate a SMART washroom system to monitor water and energy usage?
Following the WELL Standard, will your washroom include touch free fittings?
SustainabilityAre you looking for a complete sustainable solution from washroom products to long term sustainable washroom performance?
Environmental Product DeclarationsDo you require EPDs for every washroom product?
Type of washroomDo you need to include an accessible washroom, ambulant toilet, end-of-trip facility, and baby changing facilities?
Finishes and special coatingsIs matching finishes in the washroom important?
Washroom layout and spaceDo you need solutions to maximise space in the washroom?

This list forms part of the most important aspects to think about when exploring washroom themes. For a more comprehensive understanding of the finer details, consulting with a commercial washroom specialist will provide the necessary and more formal insights into washroom guidelines.

Alavo behind mirror system designed in a commercial washroom with an earthy colour scheme

Washroom checklist template

As part of the due diligence preparation, one must conduct a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of washroom products.

Below is an extract from our washroom guidelines checklist that analyses the intricacies of commercial taps.

As you read through these washroom guidelines, you will observe the level of detail involved in selecting a tap, which you must either check off or take into consideration before choosing one:

Is the tap WRAS approved?
What BREEAM flow rate do you need to achieve?
Is there a line purge system (hygiene flush)?
Is there an anti-flood feature (security timer)?
What power supply do you need? Battery operated, hard wired transformer, or plug transformer?
Is it a manual or touch free tap?
Brushed satin stainless steel taps or mirror polished stainless steel taps?
Will special finishes be applied? PPC, Ceramic, PVD
Will the finishes match?
Are the finishes sustainably made?
Will the finish require special cleaning materials or methods?
Must the tap have a fixed temperature or adjustable temperature?
WELL Standard - Is the water column from the tap spout to the washbasin at least 8 inches in length? (measured along the flow of water, even if at an angle)
WELL Standard - Is the water column at least 3 inches away from any edge of the washbasin.
WELL Standard - Does the tap design prevent water from flowing directly into the drain? If not, a domed click-clack must be installed.
Have you checked for potential splashing issues?
Must the soap dispenser match the tap?
Is the tap SMART enabled?
Are there any potential sensor reflection issues?
Does the tap length align appropriately with the basin dimensions?
Is it a behind mirror, counter mounted or wall mounted tap?
What are the maintenance access requirements? Access panel or wall plate kit?
Is an offset adaptor for the power and water supply needed to reduce the wall cavity?
Appropriate distance between tap and soap dispenser?
Must the tap have a flow restrictor or a flow regulator?
Type of water flow – Laminar flow or aerated?
Must the tap have a TMV2 or TMV3 thermostatic mixing valve?
Will the tap include a point of use water heater?
Behind mirror system and SMART sensor taps installed in a minimalist and clean commercial washroom design

Comprehensive checklists for washroom design

Our tap checklist represents just a fraction of essential washroom products that should find their place within your washroom, each accompanied by its respective public toilet requirements and details that warrant meticulous analysis before specifying any washroom product.

Performing due diligence with these washroom guidelines holds significant importance, not only for maintaining your company’s reputation with clients and developing a dependable, ongoing relationship but also for pre-emptively avoiding issues in the future.

This meticulous approach safeguards against potential problems that could arise either during the project’s execution or even post project handover, ensuring a smooth progression throughout the entire process, not only benefiting your team but also extending to contractors and other stakeholders.

By meticulously following these washroom guidelines, you ultimately enhance your ability to provide an improved product and service to your clients.

Feel free to download our due diligence checklist below and take a look at the essential aspects of planning a commercial washroom.

By having a Dolphin consultant by your side, we can help you navigate through all the washroom guidelines for any washroom theme, answer questions you may have, and help you make your washroom project a resounding success.


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