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Reading time: 4 minutes / Updated: August 01, 2022

Focusing on improving employee well-being is essential for a company to show its support and care for their employee’s health and happiness. Many elements within a building contribute to well-being in the workplace, and End-of-Trip (EoT) areas in the washroom are linked directly to this priority.

The benefit for building owners to consider incorporating End-of-Trip facilities in their building means they are prioritising this global trend and are on the journey to achieve a WELL or LEED accreditation.

Dolphin supplies a wide range of End-of-Trip products for persons with and without disabilities. Read more about what an End-of-Trip facility is, what it includes, and why you should specify this area in the washroom design.

What is an End-of-Trip facility

What is an End-of-Trip facility?

EoT spaces are washroom areas that incorporate showers, changing rooms, WC cubicles, wash stations and storage facilities. It is a designated space for employees to freshen up after their commute to work, during their lunch breaks or perhaps get ready for an evening out after work. EoT areas also encourage employees to walk, jog or cycle to work to lead a healthier lifestyle and stay fit.

Are End-of-Trip facilities exclusive to those who exercise?

Not at all. EoT washrooms have inclusive design principles to follow for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users, so they may have equal opportunities to use the facilities in the accessible washroom too.

What do End-of-Trip facilities include

What do End-of-Trip facilities include?

Depending on the type of industry, building, and budget, EoT areas are renowned to include the following:

  • WC washrooms with shower cubicles
  • Vanity units
  • Personal storage lockers
  • Towels and towel service
  • Steaming service
  • Bicycle service stations
  • Laundry airing station
  • Designated changing rooms (gender split)
  • Folding bike lockers or secure bike storage
  • E-bike or electric scooter charging stations
  • Personal care appliances (hair dryers, styling tools)

Why specify an End-of-Trip facility in your washroom design?

Creating the ultimate EoT design focuses on natural, clean elements incorporated into this space, but the personal impact on employees by providing this area stretches far beyond the aesthetic appeal. There are extensive intangible benefits that affect both building owners and occupants.

End-of-Trip washroom areas provide a space where occupants feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, resulting in a positive psychological effect associating the workplace as an enjoyable and positive environment.

Top 10 benefits for building owners and companies

  1. Demonstrate sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of those who travel by motorised means
  2. Keep up with global trends to design buildings with occupant health and well-being as a priority
  3. Maximise real estate value and improve competitiveness in the leasing market
  4. Enhance the potential to become WELL certified
  5. Reducing parking footprint is in line with LEED standards
  6. Potentially fewer parking bays
  7. Enhanced corporate image
  8. Attract clients and top talent
  9. Greater occupant retention
  10. Reward employees for using alternative travel methods

Top 10 benefits for occupants

  1. Incentive to travel by non-motorised means
  2. Increased productivity in the workplace
  3. Home away from home environment providing a living community space
  4. Storage units to store personal items away safely
  5. Secure bike rooms to store bicycles
  6. Inclusive EoT washrooms accessible for all users
  7. Encourages physical exercise as facilities are available to freshen up afterwards
  8. Helps employees feel good with a clear mind
  9. Creates a sense of pride to work in a health conscious environment
  10. Higher user satisfaction

A positive gain for the environment and human wellbeing

Dolphin Solutions provides a comprehensive product range of all the washroom fittings required in EoT and accessible washroom facilities to ensure our clients receive a complete solution for their End-of-Trip washroom design.

Before specifying your End-of-trip facility, view our range of shower sets, Doc M packs, superloo sets, Alavo Mirror system, and numerous washroom accessories that are ideal for an EoT area.

We recommend discussing your requirements with one of our commercial washroom specialists to help you identify which products best suit your End-of-trip facility design.

Watch the video below about specifying End-of-trip facilities in commercial washrooms: