The UAE currently has the fastest growing construction market in the world, with reports stating that it has overtaken the previous leader, Saudi Arabia, for the first time in over 5 years.

Think of Dubai, and sky-high towers, stylish architecture and sleek design features come to mind. The region is home to a large number of new developments made possible by a combination of factors, including one of the fastest growing populations in the world and consistent year-on-year growth in the tourist industry.

Billions have already been invested in Dubai’s construction industry, however we are yet to see some of the most exciting plans unfold. Some of these major plans include:

  • Dubai Creek Harbour- a 6sq km project, which will include one of the largest retail districts in the world
  • A $1.4bn plan to build 8,000 homes in Dubai
  • Emirates Tower Business Park, a project valued at $1.4bn, that will include three 5 star hotels

Most of these plans are taking shape in the build up to Expo 2020, a Universal Exposition to be hosted in UAE in October 2020. At this event alone, a massive 25 million international visitors are anticipated to visit Dubai.

New architectural designs have surfaced in parallel with the UAE’s growing construction industry. The previous Vernacular architecture, which was deeply influenced by traditional lifestyles, tribal customs and limited resources, has been replaced in recent years with smart, contemporary, technologically-innovative designs. The transition in architecture has made the UAE notorious for pushing design boundaries and synonymous with the glamour of high life.

One of the main reasons for the influx of modern design in the region is the increasing investment from foreign countries, making it a place influenced by multi-cultural ideas and designs. London-based architects, Foster and Partners, designed The Index Tower, a prominent building in the Dubai International Centre. They have also worked on multiple commercial projects in the UAE, including the new Apple store in Dubai, which features state of the art solar-fibre ‘wings’.

Norman Foster, prominent British architect and owner of the firm, explains how architecture plays an important role in visually representing a particular society, “Architecture is an expression of values – the way we build is a reflection of the way we live.” Major cities that have seen substantial foreign investment, like Dubai, combine design styles, cultures and lifestyles from across the globe, making cities so interesting and unique.

“Architecture is an expression of values – the way we build is a reflection of the way we live.”

Dolphin Solutions continues to play a major role in the UAE’s growing construction scene. One of our projects in the UAE involved the design and creation of luxury washroom solutions for the new Midfield terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the world’s largest airport. The terminal required a luxurious yet sustainable design, one which would match the extravagance of the rest of the building while being robust enough to deal with the high footfall location. Dolphin’s Prestige and ALAVO ranges are particularly well-suited to the look so often in demand in the UAE.

Our recently acquired business, FC Frost, also has vast experience in the construction of washroom design solutions throughout the UAE. One of our many projects was to supply bespoke washroom accessories to the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. The unique style of the landmark required exceptional quality and design of products to complement its outer building.  We also supplied luxury washroom products to the VIP suites at Yas Marina F1 Race Track in Abu Dhabi. Ultra-modern, discrete and hygienic combination units allowed for contemporary styling of the washroom while enhancing design flexibility, a factor that is key to architectural success in the UAE.

The prestigious design of buildings in the UAE has made it one of the most talked about locations in the world. With continued, increased investment in architecture and design, combined with Dolphin’s already strong presence in the Middle East, we are faced with a great opportunity to create sustainable and beautiful washrooms.

If you are looking for design inspiration, take a look at our case studies, which showcase how to achieve a similarly prestigious design style.



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