Victoria Gate, a £165 million retail development, was opened in October 2016 by property development and investment company Hammerson. A beautiful homage to the city’s affluent merchandising and textile background, the development provides Leeds with a 21st century retail arcade.

Designed by architects Acme, the breathtaking building used a mixture of white terracotta and red bricks, taking inspiration from the surrounding designs of Leeds’ historic buildings.

The establishment was anchored by a flagship John Lewis store, the first to feature in Leeds and the largest outside of London with a two street arcade displaying 30 new retails brands, restaurants and a casino.

The style emulates modern glamour with a gothic yet bright feel. It encapsulates an almost Victorian feel, again in recognition of this city’s historical background. This is hardly surprising given that the retail Quarter dates back over 100 years.

With such a tight focus on the required design for Victoria Gate, the washroom specification was no different. The brief was to supply products that would be able to withstand the high traffic that passes through the washroom each day, whilst emulating the same lustrous feel as the rest of the building.


To accompany the Alavo stations they choose a quality chrome plated brass tap with an infrared sensor window at the water outlet allowing easy and fast activation. The sensor range of this faucet is self-adjusting to its environment and sensitive to environmental changes of light and reflective surfaces. It also detects water wastage, cutting off after 90 seconds to reduce water wastage should the sensor be deliberately blocked, making this product environmentally friendly and simple for the janitorial teams to maintain.

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