Different types of stainless steel finished counter mounted taps and soap dispensers

The sleek and long lasting appeal of our stainless steel washroom products is perfect for a clean and modern look. Whether brushed satin or mirror polished, stainless steel washroom products are guaranteed to complement all themes of washroom design.

Crafted from high quality and exceptionally durable 1.4401 (316) marine grade stainless steel, our washroom products are resistant to tarnishing even when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. We also offer options made from cast 304 grade stainless steel quality, ensuring longevity and durability.

Stainless steel finish codes

If you would like to specify a washroom product in a brushed satin stainless steel finish or mirror polished stainless steel finish, please use the codes outlined in the table below:

CodeStainless Steel Finish
1Satin brushed stainless steel
2Mirror polished stainless steel

Example of how to specify codes

Here is an illustrative example detailing how to specify the codes for your washroom fittings. Consider the following example featuring an InForm strataplate tap or strataplate soap dispenser:

(leave blank for standard strataplate)
Example code:






Which washroom products come in a stainless steel finish?

Every one of our washroom product categories and accessories is crafted from stainless steel, though not all are available in the satin brushed or mirror polished styles. Contact our washroom project consultants who will be happy to help you in determining which fittings can be provided in each style.

View our washroom product categories available in the classic Dolphin stainless steel finish, including:

Stainless steel waste bins and combination units in PVD, PPC, and Ceramic finish

What finish goes best with stainless steel?

All finishes, whether it’s PPC, PVD, or Ceramic coating, can be successfully applied to stainless steel washroom products. Therefore, the choice of which finish goes best with stainless steel ultimately depends on your personal preference and the desired aesthetic you wish to achieve for your washroom.

Discover other available Dolphin coatings and product finishes.

Row of stainless steel sensor taps and soap dispensers in brushed satin, PVD, PPC, and ceramic coatings

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