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If you are looking for the best methods for washroom maintenance and cleaning your Dolphin products, this article will provide comprehensive guidance, downloads, and expert tips to ensure optimal care and longevity.

Use this commercial washroom maintenance and cleaning guide to ensure your Dolphin products remain in top condition, extending their lifespan and maintaining peak performance.

Click on one of the below to download the cleaning or maintenance guide you need:

How to clean Dolphin products

While a general approach to cleaning washroom equipment typically involves using soft, damp cloths and avoiding harsh chemicals, especially for products with special coatings, some Dolphin products come with their own unique washroom maintenance and cleaning guides.

You can easily find these product specific guides on our website under the Resources and Downloads section. Simply select ‘Installation and Maintenance Guides’ from the ‘Document Type’ dropdown menu, choose the product category or search by product code. Once you’ve entered the necessary information, the relevant guides will be displayed.

Resources and Downloads animated instruction

How to maintain washroom products with special coatings

These are Dolphin’s cleaning guides for special coatings like PVD, Ceramic coating, and PPC. Facilities teams should refer to these washroom maintenance guides to learn how to properly care for these finishes and understand what to avoid.

How to clean stainless steel washroom products

Download this cleaning guide for stainless steel washroom products without special coatings.

How to clean and maintain the Alavo Mirror System

The Alavo Mirror System includes specific components that require regular inspection and cleaning. Download the Alavo washroom maintenance guide for detailed information on what to monitor.

How to clean Dolphin wash troughs and basins

Download this cleaning guide for valuable tips on caring for Dolphin wash troughs and basins. Learn about general maintenance, daily care, cleaning tough stains, removing scratches, and handling severe damage.

S3 By Dolphin coverage for washrooms with Alavo Solo

Is your maintenance covered with S3 By Dolphin?

If you have S3 By Dolphin cover, it is essential to provide these cleaning and washroom maintenance guides to the facilities management team responsible for the washrooms.

If you haven’t signed up for S3 By Dolphin yet, discover the revolution in commercial washroom maintenance with lifelong professional care, peace of mind, and a sustainable circular economy approach for immaculate, long lasting washrooms.

Why would you need cleaning and maintenance guides if S3 provides cover?

Dolphin’s washroom maintenance and cleaning guides offer clear, step-by-step instructions on essential housekeeping and regular maintenance practices, helping customers properly care for their Dolphin products.

Fair assessment

While S3 By Dolphin offers extensive cover, there are certain limitations to ensure fair assessments.

Maintenance related issues

It is important to note that product failures, premature deterioration, and breakdowns due to insufficient scheduled washroom maintenance, lack of regular cleaning, or neglect may not be covered under S3 By Dolphin.

For example, S3 By Dolphin offers repair or replacement cover, but it does not apply if a Dolphin sensor tap malfunctions due to limescale buildup on the sensor, further compounded by uncleaned soap residue. This situation indicates that the taps have not been regularly cleaned and maintained, excluding them from cover.

Terms and Conditions

We prioritise fair assessment and consider individual circumstances in such cases.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your S3 By Dolphin cover for more information.

Superloo commercial washroom products cleaning guide

Can’t find the cleaning guide you’re looking for?

If you have any enquiries about commercial washroom cleaning or can’t find the washroom maintenance guide you are looking for, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable washroom consultants. They will be happy to help you with any questions you have and provide more washroom cleaning tips.

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