If you are an architect or contractor on the journey to create a sustainable, compliant, and timeless commercial washroom, then you have found the right washroom company to walk with you throughout your project. Our service offering does not extend to residential properties as Dolphin’s core business focuses on commercial and public developments.

Over 23 years of operation, each washroom project we have worked on has been unique and bespoke. We know that not one washroom is the same as the next, and every project comes with its challenges.

The difference between Dolphin and other washroom companies is we innovate to drive experience and create beautifully designed sustainable washrooms driven by culture consultancy. Looking at your project as a whole, we provide you with a wealth of information regarding washroom regulations and considerations, from product choice to the overall design.

But first, let’s find out if we are a good fit for your new build or renovation.

What will working with Dolphin look like?

Your journey begins

We know that you will have many technical questions and design queries ready at hand for us to answer. As much as we are happy to answer all your questions, we will also have some questions to ask you about your project.

We want you to make well-informed decisions before choosing to partner with us so you can expect a genuine and in-depth collaboration with transparency in every step of your journey with Dolphin.

Our service does not end at the point of sale because we commit to helping you achieve your sustainability goals, comply with all the relevant regulations, provide guidance, and ensure your washroom is functional.

Once your project is delivered, we proceed to work with your client to ensure your washroom stays in pristine condition and take immediate action to solve any challenges after the project handover.

Meet the Dolphin pod of Client Relations Executives who will dedicate themselves to creating the finest washroom experience from your concept to delivery:

What can Dolphin do for me?

The answer depends on what you want to accomplish:

  • Is it a sustainable washroom you wish to achieve?
  • Are you on the journey to attain a BREEAM, NABERS UK or WELL certification?
  • Do you need a compliant Doc M solution for your accessible washroom?
  • Is it your desire to create a masterpiece that radiates that wow factor?

Together we can decide whether our products and services will help you reach your vision of the complete package.

Collaborating with our team of engineers, designers, and your dedicated Client Relations Executive will give you access to a detailed analysis of your washroom design to find out where we can enhance your requirements or alert you to potential challenges.

We know that once a project is in motion, it can take a few years to complete. It’s a lengthy process that needs long-term relationships built on the foundation of trust to nurture your project and work with you to achieve your objectives.

To help you choose the products you need to achieve your objectives, we provide advice and supply technical information, technical specifications and product specifications. From experience, we know we will need to equip you with these valuable details as they are essential to accomplish a successful project.

How can Dolphin help me with my sustainability goals?

Are you looking for a washroom company that:

  • Provides a Life Cycle Analysis
  • Demonstrates sustainable supply chain processes
  • Manufactures environmentally friendly washroom products
  • Invests in sustainability credentials such as Environmental Product Declarations

If you answered yes to these points, then yes, we can help you reach your sustainability goals.

Following a cradle-to-cradle approach means we manufacture our products with environmentally friendly materials that are either biodegradable or have recyclable properties.

Partnering with us will enable you to have complete control of your water and energy usage by incorporating Dolphin’s SMART washroom technology that demonstrates the sustainability of your commercial or public washroom.

We will help you achieve your sustainability goals within the washroom space and provide you with alternative solutions in the unlikely event that we are unable to meet your expectations.

Can Dolphin help me achieve my desired building certification such as BREEAM, NABERS UK, and WELL?

Many products within each range meet the highest credits you can achieve for various building certifications. But, if you have chosen a product that does not meet the standard you wish to achieve, we can help you with our consultancy service to gain points in other areas of the washroom.


Protecting the well-being of building occupants is the core of WELL certification. We design our products to meet the aesthetic appeal incorporating the functionality and recommendations stipulated in the Water Concept of the WELL Building Standard v2, Q1 2022.


Our touch free taps, commercial shower sets, and WC pans also meet the BREEAM flow rates and flush volumes required to achieve a BREEAM Excellent or Outstanding accreditation.


As NABERS UK currently focuses on energy consumption, Dolphin’s sensor taps, touch free soap dispensers, and automatic hand dryers reduce and save energy in the washroom, bringing you one step closer to achieving a NABERS UK rating.

With Dolphin’s range, your sustainable washroom will tick off the criteria required to meet the many standards in the numerous green building certifications.

Can Dolphin provide me with all the products I need?

Glance over the collection of sanitaryware we manufacture. Is there something missing from your list that you don’t see? The benefit of working with us is we are transparent with our clients and will not lead you to believe that everything is possible with us. But we can promise we will explore every option and solution available to help you achieve your vision.

However, there are limitations. Designing, supplying, and installing washroom cubicles, tiles, ceilings, and paint work is not part of our service offering. But, as we have established relationships with various contractors in the industry, we can make recommendations in this regard.

Will Dolphin meet my deadlines?

If your lead times are clear to us from the start, we commit to doing everything we can to achieve them.

As an organisation, we work proactively based on the detail we are given, so we need a high degree of certainty from you that allows us to accommodate that.

Working closely with us and providing us with your deadline and delivery information from the beginning puts us in a prime position to work on meeting your expectations. Supplying us with the purchase order must also be issued in a timeous manner to meet the lead time.

Will Dolphin meet my budget?

Dolphin offers a wide range of washroom products in touch-free and traditional options, colours and textures, special finishes and coatings. Your quote will depend entirely on the features and models you choose.

Our products in each range can accommodate both modest budgets and those who desire premium offerings. Although our products have a set price tag, there is no one-size-fits-all because every quote is customised depending on the model and added features. We will be open and upfront to offer value engineering to your current specification, including offering options for our own products, to help you meet your budget should we fall short.

One more thing we must bring to your attention is the cost of special finishes and coatings.

  • Physical Vapour Deposition may be costly, but it also depends on the product you want it applied to. A custom coated washroom product, for example, will no doubt have an impact on your budget too.
  • Ceramic coating is higher in cost compared to PPC but is cheaper than PVD. This unique coating is great value for money and adds a competitive edge to your washroom design.
  • Polyester Powder Coated is one of the most cost-effective washroom product finishes. The competitive cost does not equate to substandard quality so you can be assured this is a reliable choice.

Does Dolphin charge extra for consultancy services?

No. Our consultants provide guidance and advice on-site, telephonically, through online meetings or our website chat, free of charge. There is no consultancy fee on our quotes as this is part of our service offering.