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Surprisingly enough, the types of commercial toilet paper roll holders on the market go far beyond what you may expect. Browsing the web for the best toilet roll holder can flood your search page results with mountains of pictures which is overwhelming to click through and determine which one matches your design.

Supplying a comprehensive range of Dolphin toilet roll holders, we would like to share our guide with you to make the comparative process easier.

Let’s look at the variety of toilet roll dispensers designed for commercial washrooms.

A complete guide to toilet roll dispensers

Commercial single toilet roll holder

1. Single toilet roll holder

Traditional toilet roll holder

A timeless design for prestigious washrooms, the traditional single roll dispenser holds one toilet roll and is the ideal simple, classic washroom accessory. Its low-profile style can be spruced up with a rose or roseless fixing plate.

Flap toilet roll holder

This modest single flap toilet roll holder includes a weighted flap that can reduce paper wastage. Applying a special finish to the flap gives this product a little something extra to look unique and flattering.

Commercial dual roll holders

2. Dual roll holder

Traditional double roll toilet tissue holder

The traditional double roll dispenser is a contemporary design that holds two rolls with separators to prevent the toilet rolls from sliding off the holder.

Double flap toilet roll holder

Toilet rolls do not need replenishing as often with twin toilet paper dispensers. The weighted double flaps on this commercial toilet paper roll holder also help to reduce paper wastage.

Double roll wall mounted toilet dispenser

The well known wall mounted toilet tissue dispenser conceals the second toilet roll within the dispenser and is a creative solution if there is no storage space for toilet paper stock.

Recessed toilet paper dispenser

With its contemporary style, a concealed toilet paper holder can save space in a toilet cubicle and is a popular choice for a modern commercial washroom or superloo.

Spare roll toilet paper holder

Sleek and discreet, this mounted toilet roll holder stand is an elegant accessory that holds extra toilet paper rolls next to the WC, making it convenient for users to grab a new paper roll if necessary. A fitting addition to the toilet paper dispenser.

Toilet tissue dispenser

As per Doc M regulations, a tissue dispenser must be installed in all accessible washrooms. As it only releases one sheet of toilet paper at a time, it also helps to reduce waste.

Commercial jumbo roll dispenser

3. Jumbo roll dispenser

Mini jumbo dispenser

This modest jumbo commercial toilet paper roll holder can be square or rounded in shape to accommodate different washroom designs. It holds one small jumbo toilet roll suitable for medium to high foot traffic.

Mini jumbo dual roll toilet tissue dispenser

These small twin jumbo roll dispensers hold two mini jumbo rolls. The design is a unique oval shape that accommodates both rolls next to each other inside.

Jumbo roll dispensers

This jumbo dispenser holds one large jumbo-size toilet paper roll that is ideal for high volume use and is suitable for public buildings such as museums, sports stadiums and train stations.

Jumbo 4 toilet roll dispenser

A 4 roll jumbo dispenser holds four separate standard-size toilet rolls on its wheel. It has a rotating mechanism for the user to turn for the next toilet roll once the previous one is finished. Best suited for washrooms with high volume foot traffic.

Which toilet paper dispenser is best for your washroom

Which toilet paper dispenser is best for your washroom?

Choosing the right commercial toilet paper roll holder depends on the style and type of washroom you are designing. Whether it is an accessible washroom, traditional washroom, or superloo, there is a commercial toilet paper roll holder to suit each design. It must be able to meet user demand, and it should complement the overall style of your washroom.

Although it is a small washroom accessory, single toilet roll holders, dual roll holders, and jumbo roll dispensers have something unique to offer, from different shapes and sizes to locking mechanisms. Adding a special finish as the final touch is a great benefit if you desire to customise every aspect of your washroom down to the very last detail.

Whether commercial toilet paper roll holders need to cater for heavy foot traffic or satisfy Doc M regulations for accessible washrooms, each dispenser achieves a specific purpose and adds more value to your design than merely holding a toilet roll in place.

After reading through the Dolphin toilet roll holders guide, we hope we have helped you make the right decision about which type of commercial toilet paper roll holder is best suited for your washroom.

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