Our range of commercial shower sets for public and commercial washrooms, bathrooms, and accessible shower areas features high quality and carefully designed products. They are created to look great, work perfectly, and be able to hold up to the heavy use many commercial and public washrooms get.

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Showers for Commercial Washrooms

If your business or organisation offers full washroom facilities, including showers, then you’ll understand the importance of long-lasting and robust facilities that can withstand regular use from customers or employees. From hospitals, gyms, and hospitality businesses to large organisations that have on-site fitness facilities, there are many industries that can benefit from showers. Our range of commercial showers cater for different needs and spaces, from wall-mounted sets to accessible facilities that ensure that you can provide stylish yet hard-wearing shower facilities to all using your restrooms.

It’s important that showers don’t just look good and represent your business image well, but that they are also functional and durable. Wall-mounted shower heads and thermostatic controls are easy to install in a variety of spaces, from large shower cubicles to narrow spaces, and they are easy for customers or employees to use. In addition to wall-mounted showerheads, we also offer hand-held showerheads that offer flexibility and convenience to your users.

Accessible Showers

Accessible shower sets have more specific needs, and our range of accessible units are compliant with the necessary regulations to ensure that your users have a great experience. We offer showers that have long-lasting stainless steel accessories and back seats for comfort and ease of use. The items included in our accessories are designed to create a consistent aesthetic throughout your washrooms, so that you can create a more cohesive look to your business. The reputation of your business and the image you’re presenting to users of your services is paramount, which is why choosing consistent and professional looking facilities should be your top priority.

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