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In the world of commercial washrooms, hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Maintaining a sanitary environment not only ensures the wellbeing of visitors but also reflects positively on the overall image of an establishment.
One of the many ways to ensure your commercial washroom is hygienic and safe is to include HEPA filter hand dryers.

As a commercial washroom supplier of washroom products, including commercial hand dryers with HEPA filters, we know that incorporating a HEPA filter can be a game-changer because these appliances are highly effective in improving air quality, preventing the spread of contagious diseases, enhancing hygiene and cleanliness, and offering the extra bonus of being a WELL Standard compliant washroom product.

Let’s explore the significance of HEPA filter hand dryers and why they are a must have feature for any commercial washroom.

Top 6 benefits of hand dryers with HEPA filters

Recessed HEPA filter hand dryer and sensor tap reflected in a mirror

1. Superior Air Quality

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are designed to capture up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. These microscopic particles include dust, allergens, bacteria, and even viruses.

By incorporating HEPA filter hand dryers, you can ensure that the air circulating in your commercial washroom is free from harmful contaminants, thus promoting a healthier environment for all users.

2. Improved Washroom Hygiene

Traditional hand dryers blow air onto users’ hands, which may contain particles and bacteria present in the washroom. This can compromise hand hygiene efforts and potentially lead to cross-contamination.

With HEPA filter hand dryers, the air emitted is filtered, significantly reducing the presence of germs and allergens. Users can confidently dry their hands, knowing they are exposed to cleaner air during the process.

3. Allergy and Asthma Relief

Washrooms can be particularly challenging for individuals with allergies or asthma due to the presence of dust, pollen, and other irritants. HEPA filter hand dryers act as a line of defence, effectively capturing and trapping these particles, thereby minimising the risk of triggering allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

By offering a hypoallergenic drying experience, you demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of all washroom users.

Behind mirror HEPA filtered hand dryer installed with Alavo washroom system

4. Washroom Infection Control

In recent times, the significance of infection control has become increasingly apparent. With the ongoing battle against contagious diseases, such as COVID-19 and other strains of the virus, it is crucial to implement preventive measures wherever possible.

HEPA filter commercial hand dryers aid in this endeavour by effectively capturing airborne viruses and bacteria, minimising the risk of transmission. By investing in hand dryers equipped with HEPA filters, you contribute to a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

5. Reduced Washroom Maintenance and Costs

HEPA filter hand dryers not only improve air quality but also extend the lifespan of hand dryers. By capturing dust and debris, these filters prevent the accumulation of dirt on internal components, reducing maintenance requirements and associated costs. The filtration process ensures that the hand dryer’s heating element remains cleaner, optimising its efficiency and overall performance.

6. WELL Standard

Having a HEPA filter in hand dryers is not mandatory for commercial washrooms, but it is a requirement for obtaining the WELL Standard accreditation. If promoting wellbeing in the washroom is a priority for you, we strongly recommend considering this feature in the hand dryers you choose.

Watch our video about what a HEPA filter is and if you need a HEPA filter equipped hand dryer for your commercial washroom.

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A row of hand dryers with HEPA filter in a commercial washroom

Breathe easy with a HEPA filter commercial hand dryer

Choosing HEPA filter commercial hand dryers is a smart investment for any commercial washroom. The combination of superior air quality, improved hygiene, allergy relief, infection control, and reduced maintenance makes it an essential feature.

By prioritising the health and wellbeing of your washroom users, you create a positive impression and promote a cleaner, more hygienic environment. Embrace the power of clean air and elevate the washroom experience with a HEPA filter equipped hand dryer.