Combination Units

Combine products and save space with units for toilet tissue, bins, and hand drying, there’s a commercial washroom combination unit to complete any washroom in a range of finishes and styles.  Take your pick from surface mounted, recessed, behind mirror or under counter models options. Combination units are a design lead and highly functional way to combine different commercial washroom accessories to not only save space but to bring things together to create a sleek minimal feel and a function lead space.

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Combination Units For Washrooms

Combination units are a great way of saving space while also providing a more convenient washroom experience for users of your facilities. We offer a range of products to suit different commercial environments, from paper towel dispensers combined with bins to sanitary care units that also serve as toilet roll holders. The combination units in our range are made from durable stainless steel that ensures they’re built to last, look great and are easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Space Saving

For smaller spaces, our slim yet practical paper towel dispensers and paper towel bin units make it easy to maintain the restroom and for users to quickly discard their towels in a towel bin. Larger organisations may benefit from the space-saving units that combine more facilities. For example, we offer combination units that contain toilet roll dispensers, towel bins, sanitary product bins and toilet a toilet brush that keeps everything contained and concealed, while also readily available. Recessed units are also great for saving space and allow for a sleek, modern look while also ensuring that the amenities are within easy reach. If you have smaller commercial restroom facilities and want a practical solution without compromising on what you’re offering your users, combination units are a great choice.

With washing our hands so much more critical at this time, it’s important that commercial restrooms have drying facilities within easy reach. Our combination units are perfect for this, combining bins, paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers in one unit to save space in the washroom while also making it easier for users to dry their hands quickly in one area.

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