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Generally, the commercial washroom industry refers to accessible WC products as part of a Doc M pack or set. These all-in-one packs are favourable for Designers to purchase as there is no need to shop around between different suppliers or determine what fittings may be missing from the list.

However, different suppliers have different products included in what they call their Doc M pack, which means not every Doc M pack on the market is standard or has everything that is required to create a compliant accessible toilet cubicle.

Dolphin Solutions supplies compliant WC, shower, and combined Doc M packs, as well as Doc M sets which include grab rails and backrests for an accessible washroom. By providing the full range of accessible washroom fittings in our Doc M packs, we assure our clients that our offering comes with everything required for a compliant accessible toilet cubicle.

In this article, we will focus on the fittings included in Document M accessible washrooms, Dolphin’s range of Doc M packs, sets and special coatings, if Doc M packs are standard throughout the washroom industry, and why our prices differ from other suppliers.

What makes a Doc M accessible washroom?

When planning an accessible washroom, it is crucial to understand the sanitaryware that must be included in a supplier’s Doc M pack to ensure you are purchasing everything you need.

BS 8300-2:2018 and Document part M provide guidance and recommendations on the design layouts and accessible products for installation. Such products include:

Design of Doc M accessible washroom build environment
  • Alarm pull cord with two red bangles
  • Alarm reset button
  • Hand rinse basin with tap
  • Automatic hand dryer and paper towel dispenser
  • Soap dispenser
  • Grab rails (horizontal, vertical, and drop down)
  • Toilet tissue dispenser
  • Disposal bin
  • Independent tall mirror
  • Mirror above wash basin
  • Two Clothes hooks
  • Washroom accessories (toilet brush, signage)
  • Independent WC pan and cistern with flush plate
  • Padded backrest for WC pan (where high level, low level, or reduced flush cisterns are used)
  • Colostomy bag changing shelf (where a high level, low level or reduced flush cistern is used)
  • Close-coupled with spatula-type flush lever
  • Flat-topped close-coupled cistern (providing a backrest and a colostomy bag changing surface)
  • Sanitary disposal unit (where relevant)
  • Fold-down baby changing table (where relevant)
  • Nappy disposal bin (where relevant)
  • Sanitary dispenser (where relevant)
  • Shaver point (where relevant)
  • Urinal (where relevant)

Note that some items may not be relevant to install depending on the type of accessible compartment in the design. Some different fittings apply to wheelchair-accessible or ambulant accessible, parents with children, persons requiring assistance, and unisex or separate-sex toilet washrooms.

Difference between Dolphin Doc M packs and sets

What is the difference between Dolphin’s Doc M packs and sets?

Dolphin created the various Doc M packs and Doc M sets to ensure our clients had continuity of their design between the main washroom area and the accessible washroom. All of our packs are customisable, giving you the freedom to make changes to your desired fittings and finishes.

Doc M sets

A standard set of stainless steel accessible essentials, our Doc M sets include 1 x 450mm rail, 4 x 600mm rails, 1 x hinged support rail and 1 x padded backrest. Both flanged and roseless options are available. Our sets are suitable in washroom cubicles for people with ambulant mobility impairments.

Doc M WC pack

Dolphin’s Doc M WC pack contains everything you need to create an accessible washroom, including a waste grate, waste trap, cistern frame, and thermostatic mixing valve. Dolphin’s range also includes the Alavo Doc M WC pack and Doc M WC Prestige pack.

Doc M shower pack

The shower pack is complete with a shower seat, backrest, alarm pull cord, grab rails, shower curtain, shower head and much more. Our shower range is fully compliant with Doc M standards and is the ideal option for a fully kitted-out accessible shower compartment.

Doc M combined pack

The ultimate accessible washroom pack includes both WC and shower fittings. This complete set includes all the items from the WC pack and shower pack combined for one room.

Can the Doc M packs be coated in special finishes?

Yes! The fittings can be coated in ceramic or polyester powder coat. By making this possible, Dolphin can assist you with achieving the visual contrast, colour scheme and design intent for your project. The benefit of coating the fittings in a special finish is it also adds durability, and because it is required to have a 30 LRV point difference between the product and the wall finish, Dolphin’s colour range meets this requirement.

Are all Doc M packs the same from different suppliers?

No. Each supplier may refer to their accessible product offerings as Doc M packs which could relate to any accessible washroom and may include any fittings in their range.

Different types of accessible washrooms require different, extra, or fewer sanitaryware products. For example, an accessible WC cubicle without a wash basin may only require grab rails and a backrest for ambulant disabled users. But a wheelchair-accessible WC cubicle requires sanitaryware such as a hand rinse basin, soap dispenser, emergency assistance pull cord etc.

Suppliers can mix and match their products and call it a Doc M pack, but it creates confusion around the meaning of the term, making you believe you are buying the complete pack, but in reality, you may only be purchasing a few of the essential items.

Dolphin Doc M pack accessible washroom

Why do Dolphin’s prices differ from other washroom companies?

Doc M packs are known for a complete accessible washroom essentially in a box. Some suppliers advertise Doc M packs, but this does not necessarily mean they provide the full suite. These Doc M packs are cheaper because they contain fewer items, but the advertisement that implies you are getting the all-in-one accessible washroom is very misleading.

Examining the list of what each supplier includes in their packs is vital because you do not end up with any surprises when your pack is delivered to find that you are missing out on other essential items.

Dolphin supplies everything for an accessible washroom to comply with Document M Building Regulations, including soap dispensers, hand dryers, mirrors, taps, wash basins, emergency pull cords, WC pans – the list goes on. Our quotes include the whole nine yards, and we are confident to call our range a genuine Doc M pack as it will meet all your requirements.

Global tailored solutions

Dolphin has worked with reputable Architects worldwide, including Ireland, Scotland, America, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, to create an accessible washroom pack that is compliant with each country’s standards. We offer customised solutions through the wide range of commercial and public accessible washroom products in our range that meet both regulations and design requirements.

This means you can pick and choose which items you would like in your unique Doc M pack should you not require the complete suite. Due to our collaboration with a reputable BSI committee member, be assured that Dolphin’s Doc M packs include everything necessary for an accessible washroom and are guaranteed to be the best packs on the market.

Before jumping online to source Doc M packs, speak to one of our specialists who will guide you through our quotes and deliver a compliant solution tailored to your needs.

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