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There has been quite a buzz surrounding the new and improved tap mounting plate for commercial washrooms and superloo layouts, as more architects are opting for this advanced tap installation method over the conventional approach in commercial washrooms.

As part of our washroom product offering, we consistently recommend our clients install our tap mounting plate, the Strataplate, for their wall mounted taps and wall mounted soap dispensers because this device offers several benefits compared to the conventional way of installing taps.

So, let’s dive right into explaining why you should consider installing a tap mounting plate for your commercial taps.

Wall Plate Kit animated installation

1. Quick installation

The tap mounting plate, which secures the tap in place, and the flexible conduit containing the water and electrical feed are easy to install and can be affixed within the wall cavity well before the actual tap installation.

First, a hole is drilled into the plywood pattress at the designated tap installation spot, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the tap mounting tail tube. Following this, the wall plate is firmly anchored to the plywood using four screws. The final wall finish is then applied (splashback), concealing the tap mounting plate and leaving the rest of the washroom building works to be completed.

As the project nears completion, the water and electrical feeds are threaded through an 1800mm flexible conduit using a Bullet System, extending to the location of the main power and water supply line where an access panel to a service duct or void is typically located. Plumbers and electricians merely need to open the panel to the service duct to make the connections.

The last stage is to secure the tap which simply consists of sliding the tap onto the tap mounting tail tube and securing it with a grub screw underneath.

Watch the wall plate tap installation video

Black wall mounted commercial tap and soap dispenser

2. Lower installation costs

The installation phase is significantly reduced because what can take days to install panel mounted taps with access panels, only takes hours with fixing tap wall plate kits to the plywood and running the flexible conduit to the water and electrical supply line.

This means a reduction in installation hours which translates to a reduction in labour costs, guaranteeing faster installation and simplifying the contractor’s work.

Superloo washstation without an access panel installed

3. No access panel behind the tap

With a tap mounting plate, there is no need to install an access panel to gain access to the back of the tap. The tap mounting plate is ingeniously designed to enable tap maintenance through a straightforward process: unscrewing the grub screw and easily sliding off the tap to access its internal components.

Since there would already be an access panel under the vanity, facilities teams can reach the solenoid, the flexible conduit connection that houses the water and electrical feed, and various other components in that location.

Seamless, and pristine washstation design installed with wall mounted sensor taps

4. Flawless washstation design

Through the concealed installation of the access panel beneath the vanity, the washstation maintains a flawless, precise, and pristine appearance. The tap mounting plate plays a pivotal role in eradicating the need for unsightly and misaligned access panels that are typically required when installing a panel mounted tap.

Rest assured, your washroom design stays intact without any risk of damage to the washstation or taps during maintenance. This also means a reduced chance of having to spend on expensive replacements.

Benefits of tap fixing kit

Based on our experience and what we consistently recommend to our clients, opting for a tap mounting plate is the ideal option. It offers easy and convenient installation, reduces installation and labour costs, simplifies tap maintenance, eliminates the need for access panels to gain direct access to the back of the tap, and ensures that commercial washrooms always remain in pristine condition.

If you would like a demonstration of how the Dolphin wall plate kit functions with our taps and soap dispensers, our washroom consultants can showcase the device and provide a simple demonstration to illustrate its ease of use. They will also introduce you to the Bullet System, a key feature of our tap mounting plate, which simplifies threading the water and power supply through the flexible conduit.

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