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Maximising the rentable area in a commercial building is one of the most prioritised goals of a project. Architects and Designers look into every nook and cranny where they can reduce unlettable space which generally boils down to the core of the building. All eyes then focus on reducing the structural elements within the washroom layout and wall cavities as those areas fall within the core of the building.

But, sometimes efforts to conserve space in a commercial washroom reaches a predicament as designs could change and compromise the original layout, leaving you short of achieving your vision.

We are going to share a little secret – There are ways to save space in areas you may never have thought of. Something as small as fitting an offset adaptor for wall mounted taps in the wall cavity can reduce enough space where a toilet cubicle could be added or even removed.

Dolphin strives to make our clients aware of such alternatives and provide the best solutions to achieve your vision for your commercial washroom. In this article, we will enlighten you on the space you could save, cost factors, and the benefits of fitting an offset adaptor for mounted taps.

Watch our video about the offset adaptor.

Offset adaptor for mounted taps

What is an offset adaptor for mounted taps?

This apparatus is a small part that is fitted onto the tap’s conduit within the wall cavity. The unique design is smaller in width compared to a straight adaptor and directs the conduit to run horizontally along the inside of the wall cavity.

Back-to-back cubicles tap drawing

When would you need an offset adaptor?

It is often supplied when specified for a particular project as not all designs require smaller wall cavities to work with. An offset adaptor is ideal for designs incorporating back-to-back cubicles, for example, a superloo layout. The wall cavity would naturally need to be wide enough to accommodate the pipework from both toilet cubicles, and the offset adaptor can help reduce that space.

How is it made?

The way in which the offset adaptor is manufactured is eco-friendly due to the reduction in overall waste during the manufacturing process. Its material makeup has recyclable properties making this a ‘green’ product.

Space saved by an offset adaptor drawing for mounted taps

How much space can be saved in the wall cavity?

Whether the layout entails back-to-back or a single tap in the wall cavity, installing an offset adaptor certainly assists to reduce the space. It measures 61mm making it significantly smaller than a standard straight adaptor which can measure approximately 90mm. But remember, the 61mm is the width from the furthest point of the adaptor to behind the sheeting or wall plate. It is not the size of the wall cavity that can be achieved.

Each project is different and there are no standard dimensions for the thickness of the sheeting (plasterboard or plywood) that is situated behind the splashback. The thickness of the sheeting also determines the final thickness of the wall.

For example, from the back of the wall plate to the back of the offset adaptor is 61mm, less your 18mm plywood pattress, leaving you with a 43mm cavity. That figure is a considerable amount of space to save within the wall cavity.

Extra benefit of offset adaptor for mounted taps

Extra benefit

Choosing to install this simple device can mean the difference between having one more toilet cubicle installed or even one less.

By reducing each wall cavity that separates the cubicles, the space becomes more compact, bringing each cubicle closer together, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the mm you have left to work with.

You can save approximately 30mm to 100mm per superloo by installing the Strataplate and the offset adaptor for mounted taps. Not only are you eliminating access into the wall by fitting the Strataplate, but you reduce the wall cavity even further by installing the offset adaptor.

Imagine if you can save 100mm across 10 superloos for example. That 100mm added together per superloo wall cavity can equal one meter of saved space which essentially equates to one cubicle. It is when you compound that figure across a few superloos that the measurements add up to be a rather considerable amount.

Cost of an offset adaptor for mounted taps


An offset adaptor for mounted taps incurs an extra cost but that cost will essentially be paid back over a short period of time. How does this happen? Look at the bigger picture – a few more metres of rentable space could equate to thousands of pounds a week in rentable income. By opting for an offset adaptor for mounted taps your savings are generated through its high efficiency and the impact it makes on reducing the wall cavity.

If efforts to reduce the wall cavity are not implemented, then losing out on that extra rentable space is a real possibility.

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