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What is the Alavo Mirror System?

Alavo is Dolphin’s flagship product – a wash wall system that includes everything needed for a washstation in one place. All fittings integrate into one unit, creating an easily accessible space to use all the appliances directly in front of the user. Alavo is a convenient and compact solution characterised by its slimline design and space-saving qualities.

Watch the Alavo Mirror System video here.

What is included in the Dolphin Alavo Mirror System?

  • Sensor Tap
  • Touch free Soap dispenser (cartridge multifeed system)
  • Hand dryer and/or paper towel dispenser
  • Vanity
  • Slimline mirror cabinet

Can you customise it?

Absolutely! There are 100s of choices to select from, including dimensions, wall-mounted taps or counter-mounted taps, lighting, colours, wash troughs and more – all to assist you with an initial design of what you envision in your washroom.

Create your own Alavo design

Create your own Alavo design

Set up on our website page is an easy-to-use configuration tool dedicated to creating a customised Alavo Mirror System suited to your requirements. Toggle between various dimensions, layouts, and fittings online before even reaching out to us.

Using this software will help you get a better idea of what to expect to include in your design, and after confirming your preference forms, you will receive an email summary of your entries. The email will also include a spec clause which is used for quoting purposes that will be superseded by approved drawings.

The configure tool has 15 forms to complete:

1. Enter project name

Assign one project name or the same project name to several systems which can be grouped when it comes to quoting.

2. Select installation type for system

Depending on the space measurements you must work with, choose system installation options from wall to wall or with end panels showing. Visible ends will be installed with décor end panels specified to your preference. There are four options to choose from:

  • Wall to wall / Recess – No ends visible
  • In right hand corner – left end visible
  • In right hand corner – left end visible
  • On flat wall – both ends visible
3. Specify available width for system

This form refers to the recess area. Specify the available width for the system. Recommended 25mm clearance gaps are included at each end of the system.

4. Select number of washstations

Specify the number of washstations required for users. Keep in mind the washstation width is decided at a later stage in this process and will also determine how many modules (cabinets) will cover the specification. Choose washstation quantity or click on the support tab to help you decide.

5. Select system height

Select an overall system height. 1000mm is standard and is the most popular choice, but you can choose to go down to 800mm. The system can extend to 1200mm if the design has high ceilings.

6. Choose appliances

A diagram displays a front view and cross-section of what your Alavo system currently looks like and gives you various options to choose between the following appliances:

Tap type

  • Integrated (tap is placed within the system and is not visible)
  • Floating
  • Panel mounted
  • Counter mounted
  • No tap


  • Soap dispenser
  • No soap dispenser

Dyers / Towels

  • Dryers
  • Dryers +
  • Towels
  • Dryers and Towels (dryer positioned left of tap and soap dispenser, towels positioned right of tap and soap dispenser)
  • Towels and dryers (towels positioned left of tap and soap dispenser, dryer positioned right of tap and soap dispenser)
  • Towels and dryers +
  • No dryers or towels
7. Choose modules

In this form, you would specify the washstation module and width from four options:

  • No additional modules
  • Left additional module
  • Right additional module
  • Additional module both ends

Additional modules can be added either side of the washstation module to extend the mirror or fill a recess space.

8. Extend width

The system width is the final width of the unit from left to right and ranges between 950mm to 1250mm. The form provides a slider to toggle between these measurements.

The mirror offset can be adjusted at this stage also providing a slider to toggle between the measurements.

9. Select Alavo Premium or Lite

Use the comparison diagram to select which model of Alavo best suits your needs. Alavo Premium is the crème de la crème whereas Alavo Lite is a simple classic design providing fundamental characteristics.

10. Halo perimeter lighting

Should you wish to incorporate soft lighting around your Alavo system to give it that magnificent glow, select the edges to install the halo lighting on (up, down, sides, all-round), or choose no lighting for a simple classic look.

11. Through mirror lighting

Select a yes or no option to include lighting in the mirror. The diffused LED panels illuminate the user whilst standing in front of Alavo and are placed on either side of each washstation.

12. Select plumbing configuration

A TMV3 and POU Heater option is available. This allows you to select the plumbing arrangement best suited for your washroom.

13. Vanity surfaces

A variety of options are available to tie into the Alavo system you have chosen. Depending on the option you choose, a slider will pop up to toggle between the widths. Choose between:

  • Matching system width (same width as the mirror)
  • Extend both ends
  • Extend ends separately
  • No vanity surface
14. Surface type

Select a vanity surface type with eclipse shadow gap or eclipse easy access panel. Why not add a splashback or a bin chute too?

15. Confirm

View the summary of your selection and submit your details to enable the system to generate your specification. Keep in mind that the detail and official drawings are always confirmed later on.

Doc M Alavo Pack

Types of washrooms the Alavo Mirror System can be installed

What is so remarkable about Alavo is that it can be installed in any type of washroom from commercial buildings with traditional washrooms and superloos to public places such as airports and shopping centres. Doc M Alavo packs are also available for accessible washroom cubicles and can be customised accordingly.

Cost and extra benefits

Cost depends on the accumulation of options you choose and which Alavo system you select – Premium or Lite. There is no one-size-fits-all as the Alavo Mirror system is fully customisable.

From an entirely different aspect, integrating SMART technology into your Alavo Mirror System actually saves money. SMART provides statistical information on washroom utilisation points by monitoring activations regarding water usage and energy consumption and managing those activations. It empowers your building to demonstrate sustainability and the global movement towards smart buildings.

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