Demand for the conscious production of materials and goods have increased immensely over the past few decades with climate change activism going mainstream due to the impact of big corporations’ carbon emission and their greenhouse effects and what these do to our environment. A recent CDP report claims that over 70 percent of the world’s GHG emissions are from 100 companies, bringing light on the role companies and investors play in battling climate change.

With this in mind, the need to create sustainable products is imperative, and corporations must come up with alternative means to reduce greenhouse, carbon, and GHG emissions and sustainably help improve our environment’s current conditions. 

Which is why we at Dolphin Solutions take pride in the various sustainability efforts we are putting forward and all the programmes, partnerships, and other relevant sustainability actions we have established since our inception in 1999. 

We have continuously designed, manufactured, and distributed smart and sustainable centre taps for more than twenty years now and stayed relentless in innovating on our product designs and systems to create nothing less than the finest commercial washroom experience for you. 

Through the smart technology integrated in our systems, efficiency with the consumption of energy, water, space, and time has been one of the focal points across all criteria we have to ensure all products in the Dolphin range are of utmost in their design, functionality, and sustainability.

With virtually all of the Dolphin product range beautifully designed and sustainably made, the brand has been recognised and awarded by different regulating bodies that uphold specifications championing sustainability. With certifications from ISO, LEED, BREAM, SKA, WRAS, and many more, our products have met the standard requirements for safety, hygiene, and sustainability given by relevant local and international regulating organisations.

Together with our sustainability efforts come the superior craftsmanship in the design of our products, which our world-class design team have honed over the years. Every detail in our products have been thoughtfully engineered to maintain their sustainable capacities without compromising the luxurious aesthetic they exude. 

We live by the belief that we create washroom solutions and products that are not only dynamic, sanitary, high end, environment friendly but are also beautiful, elegant, and classic.

Beautifully designed. Sustainably made. That is the true essence of Dolphin.