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As a supplier of commercial baby changing units from our washroom product range, we have noticed a growing trend in modern commercial washroom design, with designers prioritising convenience and inclusivity for all users, including those with children.

If you are designing a baby changing facility, our comprehensive guide to different types of changing tables will help you make informed decisions that align with your washroom vision, ensuring comfort and convenience for child carers and the safety of children.

Baby Changing Tables for Commercial Washroom Design

Explore the popular types of changing tables for commercial and public washrooms:

Wall mounted baby changing table with stainless steel cover

1. Wall mounted baby changing tables

Wall mounted baby changing tables are a popular choice for public washrooms due to their space saving design. They are typically foldable and can be installed discreetly on washroom walls, taking up minimal floor space.

These types of changing tables are ideal for smaller washrooms or high traffic areas, where optimising space is essential.

Wall mounted baby changing tables come in both vertical and horizontal drop down designs, offering versatility to suit various public washroom layouts.

Unique design wall mounted baby change

Apart from the traditional fold down tables, there are several unique yet simplistic wall mounted baby change table design options available. These alternatives provide practical and safe solutions while adding a touch of creativity and modernity to public washrooms.

Recessed combination unit, baby changing table, and jumbo toilet roll dispenser installed in a red tiled washroom

2. Recessed baby changing tables

Recessed baby changing tables are designed to be installed within the wall cavity, creating a flush and streamlined appearance when not in use.

These types of changing tables save space and can be seamlessly integrated into the overall washroom design, providing a neat and tidy appearance.

Horizontal recessed baby changing table with stainless steel cover

Recessed tables are commonly found in upscale establishments that prioritise aesthetics without compromising functionality. They offer a seamless and space saving solution, available in both vertical and horizontal drop down designs.

Counter mounted baby changing table next to a washbasin and washroom fittings

3. Counter top baby changing table

A counter mounted baby changing table is a versatile and space efficient solution for baby changing facilities. It can be easily placed on existing countertops or other flat surfaces, optimising space in tight washroom layouts.

These types of changing tables typically feature a unique interlock fixing system for simple installation and extra deep barriers that eliminate any need for straps, thus reducing maintenance and inspection costs.

With sturdy construction and flexibility in location placement, this baby changing table enhances the overall washroom experience and helps to meet the diverse needs of parents and child carers.

A mounted child safety seat

4. Child safety seat

A mounted child safety seat is a smart solution for businesses and public places, shopping centres, transport hubs etc. seeking to cater to parents and child carers with more than one young infant.

Including a child safety seat in baby changing facilities is extremely beneficial and convenient for parents and child carers with both a baby and a toddler.

When the caregiver secures the toddler in the child safety seat, it frees up their hands from holding or attending to the toddler directly. This allows the caregiver to have both hands available to focus on changing the baby’s diaper efficiently and without interruption.

It is safe and secure for the toddler, enhances efficiency and inclusivity while reducing stress and preventing disturbances during diaper changing.

Baby changing facilities may even feature a dedicated safe play area for toddlers and younger children while the child carer tends to the nappy changing duties. This thoughtful addition ensures that children remain entertained and secure, allowing the caregiver to focus on the diaper changing task without distraction.

Combination baby changing stations designed for a colourful, child-friendly washroom

5. Combination baby changing stations

If you are in the process of designing a baby changing facility, why not go the extra mile and opt for a combination commercial diaper changing station?

These amazing stations provide parents and child carers with a comprehensive and hassle free solution for all their nappy changing needs. Visitors will absolutely love the convenience and care put into making their experience delightful.

These types of changing tables are typically designed with a range of amenities, such as:

With all these features, combination baby changing stations ensure a seamless and pleasant experience for both child carers and little ones.

Is a stainless steel changing table better than a plastic one?

Stainless steel baby changing table

Stainless steel changing tables tend to be more popular for public washrooms compared to plastic ones. This preference is due to their durability, hygiene benefits, aesthetics, safety features, and alignment with environmental concerns.

Stainless steel, being a recyclable material, also supports sustainability initiatives and environmentally conscious practices.

Stainless steel baby changing tables often have a sleek and modern appearance that complements various washroom designs. These types of changing tables give a professional and upscale impression to users, enhancing the overall ambience of the washroom.

Plastic baby changing table

Plastic baby changing tables are a cost-effective, hygienic, and practical option for commercial washrooms.

These types of changing tables are made with quality materials, offer easy installation, and can come in various designs and colours. They are lightweight, child friendly, and easy to clean, providing a safe and convenient space for diaper changing.

Is a changing table worth it?

Baby changing tables play a crucial role in creating a family friendly workplace environment, accommodating the needs of parents and caregivers in situations where they may not have access to suitable childcare options. This inclusivity becomes especially important when they find it necessary to bring their children to the workplace or even when they occasionally pop in to work from home.

Baby changing tables are also crucial amenities in shopping centres and transport hubs like airports and train stations because they provide parents and caregivers with a safe and hygienic space to attend to the diapering and changing needs of infants, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for families on the go.

A row of counter mounted baby changing tables

Choosing the ideal baby changing table for your public washroom

Selecting the appropriate baby changing table for public washroom design involves thoughtful consideration of space, convenience, safety, and inclusivity. These types of changing tables demonstrate a public facility’s commitment to supporting families, thus creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

From recessed changing tables for small spaces, toddler safety seats, to eco-friendly options, the market offers a wide range of choices to suit various commercial needs.

By prioritising the comfort and wellbeing of child carers and their little ones, commercial and public spaces can create welcoming, family friendly environments that leave a positive and lasting impression on their employees, customers, and visitors.