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Typically, baby changing facilities are found in buildings where babies are normally expected to be present, for example, shopping centres, airports, and train stations. Some British Standards provide recommendations regarding baby changing tables in public and commercial buildings relating to dimensions, activity space, mounting height, and size of the changing unit itself.

Knowing the various baby changing table dimensions is crucial, including the many other factors to consider before installing this unit anywhere in the washroom – for example, is a baby changing table even necessary to have in your commercial development?

As Dolphin supplies commercial baby changing units, we often get asked, “What is the correct height for a baby changing table?”. We know there are more elements to consider than merely the mounting height, and we would like to make you aware of such.

This article focuses on whether a baby changing table is necessary for your washroom, the different types of commercial baby changing tables, baby changing table dimensions as per:

  • BS 6465-2:2017, Sanitary Installations, Part 2:Space recommendations – Code of practice,
  • BS 8300-2:2018, Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment, Part 2: Buildings – Code of practice, and
  • EN 12221-1:2008+A1:2013, Child use and care articles – Changing units for domestic use – Part 1: Safety requirements

Is a baby changing table necessary for a commercial washroom?

In the UK, there is no law enforcing the provision of baby changing facilities in public or commercial buildings. But, if developments accommodate such amenities, there are British Standards and recommended baby changing table dimensions to observe.

Although it may not be a legal requirement, including baby changing facilities makes for a good user experience and leaves customers happy because their childcare needs have been met and the well-being of both the carer and infant is protected.

Dolphin BC100EH White Plastic Wall Mounted Changing Table

Types of commercial baby changing tables

Changing tables are no longer just the white plastic wall-mounted units we are familiar with. As commercial washrooms are becoming more contemporary, it sparked creative thinking about transforming these units into the chic design they are today.

Dolphin BC100BQS Wall Mounted Child Safety Seat

Commercial baby changing tables are now available in a recessed stainless steel option to suit prestige commercial washroom designs. Child safety seats are also becoming popular as designers are aware that a carer may not necessarily need a flat changing table but rather a safe upright seat to place the infant.

Commercial baby changing tables come in three different styles:

Dolphin BC100SV-R Recessed Vertical Mounted Stainless Steel Baby Changing Table seen in a commercial washroom

1. Vertical mounted baby changing table

A vertical unit is ideal for smaller washrooms as it helps save wall space when compared with a traditional horizontal baby changing table.

Dolphin BC100SS-SM Horizontal Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Changing Table

2. Horizontal mounted baby changing table

A horizontal baby changing table provides more freedom for a carer to move around the open table when interacting with the infant.

Counter top baby changing table for commercial washroom

3. Counter top baby changing table

Baby changing vanity units form part of the washroom structure and portray a unique aesthetic appeal that adds value to any prestige washroom design. Counter top changing units can have all the essentials for baby changing in one accessible place, such as a wash basin, integrated sanitary disposal bin, touch free sanitiser dispenser, mirror etc.

Dimensions of infant changing tables

Commercial baby changing table on a counter top

Height of baby changing table

The baby or infant must be elevated to a height that is easy to reach for the carer. BS 6465-2:2017 specifies the height of a baby changing table should be between 700mm and 800mm above the finished floor level.

However, in an accessible baby changing facility, BS 8300-2 specifies that baby changing table dimensions for wall-mounted units should either be permanently fixed at 750mm above the floor level or adjustable in height. The adjustable height must allow a minimum of 700mm of clear space above the floor level for a wheelchair user to access and use the table.

Length and width of baby changing tables

EN 12221-1:2008+A1:2013 stipulates the following age, weight, width, and length for Type 1 and Type 2 baby changing units:

Type 1 changing unitFor children from birth up to the age of 12 months or up to 11 kg in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.At least 380 mmAt least 650 mm
Type 2 changing unit For children from birth up to 15 kg in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for use.At least 550 mmAt least 750 mm
Length and width of baby changing tables drawing

BS 6465-2 specifies the area on a countertop designated for the baby changing routine is typically approximately 450mm x 700mm.

No matter which baby changing table you choose, BS 6465-2 also references a weight restriction notice that should be clearly displayed on the unit. A safe baby changing table means making the carer aware that it can accommodate weight up to a limit to protect the baby or infant.

Baby changing unit projection activity space

As per BS 6465-2, if the size of a baby changing table is not known, the baby changing table dimensions provided below should be used to plan the activity space:

Baby changing fold-down unit short projection770mm × 150mm (folded)

770mm × 600mm (unfolded)
Baby changing fold-down unit long projection550mm × 150mm (folded)

550mm × 800mm (unfolded)

*Activity spaces are dimensioned as width x depth

If, for example, you have not purchased a changing table yet but still need to plan the design layout, these measurements are in place as a guide for such circumstances.

Baby changing activity space

The activity space around the unit allows carers to perform the activity normally associated with baby changing tables.

The activity space for baby changing units should measure 700mm depth in front of the unit facing the baby by 1000mm wide.

BS 6465-2 includes illustrative examples of the activity space relating to baby changing table dimensions for short and long projection, fold-down and countertop baby changing units:

Activity space dimension drawing for short projection fold-down baby changing unit

Activity space - Short projection fold-down baby changing unit

Activity space dimension drawing long projection fold-down baby changing unit

Activity space - Long projection fold-down baby changing unit

Activity space dimension drawing short projection counter top baby changing unit

Activity space - Short projection counter top baby changing unit

Activity space dimension drawing long projection counter top baby changing unit

Activity space - Long projection counter top baby changing unit

What more should you know about nappy changing units in washroom layouts?

The recommended baby changing table dimensions are not limited to the size, activity space, and mounting height, as there are other measurements to consider, such as the circulation space, column of clearance, and overlapping with other appliances’ activity space in the washroom.

While there are approximate recommended dimensions to observe in height, length, and width, the next question you need to answer is what type of washroom layout is in your plan. Baby changing tables are found in self-contained family toilets (superloo layout), enlarged cubicles with or without WC, and enlarged wheelchair-accessible unisex toilets (Doc M washrooms).

Each of these layouts will include different fittings with different standards and regulations regarding the placement and dimensions. Baby changing table dimensions will need careful planning around the various fittings to ensure they do not compromise accessibility or infringe on circulation spaces, the column of clearance, and other appliance activity spaces.

Explore the Dolphin baby change units and accessories for public and commercial washrooms to see what is trending in the market today.

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