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Searching for a washroom waste bin can leave you crawling the web to find something that will suit your washroom design.

A waste bin may be a small addition to a washroom, but once on display, it could either enhance the overall look and feel or bring it down.

To make your decision easier, we have compiled the top 5 stylish waste bins that complement all commercial washroom designs and layouts.

Waste bins for your washroom

Wall mounted commercial washroom waste bin

1. Wall mounted waste bin

Commercial wall mounted waste bins are an excellent choice for their space-saving design and can easily fit into small areas you have available in the washroom. You have the freedom to place them anywhere in the restroom above the floor, also making it easier for facilities teams to clean the floor underneath it.

Wall mounted waste bins exhibit a modern and unique style with their small and compact shape, providing easy disposal of waste.

Surface mounted commercial washroom waste bin

2. Surface mounted waste bin

Surface mounted bins (or floor mounted waste bins) are typically fixed against a wall on the floor and can be tucked away in a corner, out of sight and away from the washroom footpath.

The benefits of incorporating this style are simple installation, options to choose a larger bin capacity to hold more waste, keeping the waste area to a minimum with one or two large bins, and eliminating any movement should a user bump into it.

Recessed commercial washroom waste bin

3. Recessed waste bin

Perfect for conserving space in the main washroom area, recessed bins can accommodate greater commercial waste bin capacity in deeper wall cavities and create a clutter free environment. The waste container is concealed within the wall cavity, and the slick slimline cover hides the waste container away from sight.

If the wall cavity is narrow, the recessed bins may not hold as much waste, but they are still space efficient with an elegant minimalistic design for those who desire this concept. They are particularly popular in superloo layouts where saving space is a priority.

Make the most of the space you have to work with by choosing a recessed bin and hide away any trace of the waste container.

Under counter commercial washroom waste bin.

4. Under counter waste bin

These washroom waste bins are underneath the vanity top with a bin chute, making it easy for the user to dispose of used paper towels at the washstation (should the paper towel dispenser be situated above it).

If the washstation includes cabinetry or only the vanity top, bin chutes for under counter waste bins create a clutter free washstation and add a distinctive look to your vanity top. Under counter bins are not restricted to mounted bin chutes on the vanity surface and can be installed on the bottom side of the vanity top.

Freestanding commercial washroom waste bin

5. Freestanding waste bin

Removable bins can be relocated to different areas in the washroom should the need arise. For example, a waste bin blocking the footpath is inconvenient for users to walk through the room. The advantage of a freestanding waste bin is that you can move it to a more suitable spot.

A free-standing removable waste bin should come complete with castors. Waste bin castors reduce scratches and damage to the beautiful tiling on the floor and provide a high level of stability that prevents a ‘runaway’ bin if a user bumps it.

Floor standing bins are generally the most cost-effective waste bins on the market.

What other features do washroom waste bins include?

Like other fittings, waste bin sizes come in different shapes, commercial waste bin capacity, finishes and special coatings.

Waste bins have a wide variety of features and design options that enhance the style of this washroom product. Washroom bins can include:

  • Bin flaps
  • A locking door
  • Bin liners
  • Waste bins with and without lids
  • Rectangular, square, round, or half moon
  • Bins with pedals
  • Bins with bag dispensers
  • Basket frame
  • Touchless activation
  • Surface mounted bin frame with or without flap
  • Removable inner buckets
  • Combination units with paper towels and/or automatic hand dryers
  • Branded with signage or company logo

How to decide which commercial bin is best suited for your washroom?

Before choosing the ideal waste bin for your design, you should first consider the bin capacity required to cater for the washroom waste demand. The top 5 washroom waste bins can accommodate low and high waste demands, but deciding which bin best suits your washroom depends on your answers to these questions:

  • How many waste bins do you intend to install?
  • Is the washroom a traditional design or superloo?
  • Are there paper towel dispensers and/or automatic hand dryers?
  • What is the building type and expected foot traffic?
  • What is the expected housekeeping schedule?
  • Does the washroom include vanity troughs or individual wash basins?

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